Bubble Braids: How To Create The Latest Hair Trend

Braids are perfect for nearly all hair types and textures. We all know the classics like cornrows, French, and fishtail braids. But now a new and totally fresh technique is taking over the internet. A quick Google search results in loads of different bubble braid styles, but the most basic method is fairly simple.

A quick and easy way to get the look is to create a pair of bubble braids that at the top of your pigtails. This method is a great intro to the technique. First, gather some materials to make the process as simple as possible. You'll need small clear or hair color-matched ties, a rattail comb, and texture cream or hair spray. 

To get started, Girl Get Glamorous recommends parting your hair down the center and clip half out of the way, then tease your hair a bit around the crown of your head with the comb. Next, create a pigtail on one side, then wrap hair around the tie and tuck the end of your hair back through. Add your second tie about two or three inches down the shaft of your pigtail to create the first bubble. Fluff the bubble and add some texture cream or hairspray to make sure it maintains its poof level. Repeat on both sides and add as many bubbles as you want. When you're finished, fully spray your hair to make sure the look holds all day.

How to get the French bubble braid look

If you are looking for a more traditional French braid look, you can opt for a single or double bubble braid down the back or sides of your head. To start a single braid, Camille Styles recommends taking a small section of hair from the front of your head and twist the end of the section. Pin the section back and create a little puff in the untwisted portion. Take another section from underneath the twisted portion and create another twisted poof, then tie the two sections together into a single ponytail. Collect another small section beneath the ponytail and repeat the twist-poof-connect technique. Continue down with this process until you arrive at the bottom of the neck. Once you've collected all the hair into a single ponytail, create bubbles down the shaft every couple of inches by simply tying a tie and poofing the hair. Spray with hairspray to hold the style. For a double bubble braid, simply repeat this process on each side of your part.

The effervescent and easy technique is totally fun and customizable, so master the basics and then branch out and create your own unique bubble look.