What Adam From Below Deck Mediterranean Is Doing Now

Below Deck Mediterranean's Adam Glick became an instantaneous fan favorite during his initial two stints on the show thanks to his uniquely rugged and tattoo-covered look, willingness to get involved in the onboard fray, and (naturally) his drama-filled love triangle with two other cast mates. The self-professed "Adventure Chef" wasn't necessarily made for a life out at sea, especially with his every move being captured by Bravo cameras, but Adam is well-suited for nomadic living. In fact, he's so untethered to the regular world he doesn't live in a traditional home, instead choosing the vagabond lifestyle that better suits his insatiable desire to be out on the road at all times.

Since his initial introduction to Below Deck viewers, Adam has continued to live by his own rules, remaining true to his brand while simultaneously forging a path back to Bravo for another wild voyage that surpassed both of his previous trips. Although he's not as fame-hungry as some of his contemporaries, Adam expertly utilizes the spotlight to his advantage so he can continue to spread the good word about cooking, living, and loving freely. After all, they don't call him the Adventure Chef for nothing.

Adam became a brand ambassador after starring on Below Deck Mediterranean

Adam Glick isn't the kind of guy who could imagine shilling detox teas or mail-order mattresses. When it came to endorse a product, the chef not only chose a food, but a food he loves and eats frequently. As the Below Deck Mediterranean star explained to Heavy, he was contacted by Jazz Apples after having worked with them on recipes in the past.

"We like to think Jazz Apples are the adventure apple, so it was like a match made in heaven ...," he opined. Adam embarked on an 11-day road trip around New York to promote said apples, during which he conducted cooking demonstrations, met fans eager, and discussed why he chose Jazz or, as he likes to call the label, "Adam's apple."

As he explained, "I genuinely believe that you need to endorse products that you trust and that you love. When I, as a chef, eat apples, which I do, you need one that's versatile and that's tasty. The Jazz apple pulls together all of those elements." Adam elaborated on the partnership in an interview with Athleisure magazine, hilariously describing a Jazz Apple as one that "you would take a picture with on the side of the cliff."

Below Deck Mediterranean's Adam lives on the road

While most people would think living in a van to be a bad situation, that's not the case for Adam Glick. In fact, it was 100 percent his choice to live in his vehicle. As he deadpanned to Decider, "It's a nice van, if that counts for anything." Adam posts almost as many photos of his Quigley van on Instagram as he does of his adorable pet.

In 2018, Adam revealed that he once "lived in the back of a pickup truck" and "[spent] ten years traveling on yachts." He continued, "Believe it or not I actually sleep better in confined spaces because of it." Inside, his home-on-wheels does look pretty sweet, particularly after the extensive renovations undertaken by Adam and his father.

Cooking meals in the van isn't an issue for someone used to the tightness of a yacht kitchen, as Adam told Heavy. And, if he ever feels constricted by the space, the Below Deck Mediterranean star just rolls up to the old mechanic shop he shares with a friend in North Hollywood, where the two have built their own "Fantasy Factory," equipped with a basketball court, skate ramp, and plenty more besides, Adam detailed to Decider.

Below Deck Mediterranean's Adam took his love of cooking outdoors

It didn't take long for Below Deck Mediterranean's Adam Glick to take his love of cooking to the great outdoors. Fans can watch his series Stoked on Outside TV, where you can see the chef whip up al fresco meals while also touring the country. Each episode typically finds Adam partaking in some kind of adventurous activity wherever his van has taken him and expertly preparing a tasty meal for the locals using just a campfire. The show even led to a partnership with Messermeister, which includes a whole range of Adventure Chef knives ideal for cooking outside.

Season 2 of Stoked kicked off in early 2020, proving there's a huge demand for Adam's rough-and-ready content. Instagram followers can even try to guess where he is on any given day thanks to his "Van Door" Stories, which sees the chef opening up the door of his van to showcase a spectacular view. As Adam explained to Heavy, the allure for him is paring everything back to the essentials. "I realized I had all these big, expensive pans and fancy equipment, but you don't need any of that stuff to make good food," he argued.

Adam rescued his BFF after returning home from Below Deck Mediterranean

Adam Glick's BFF is his dog, Tex, who bunks with him and is a major component of everything the chef does. According to his Instagram Stories, the chef actually rescued the dog from the streets in May 2018 after returning from Below Deck Mediterranean and the two have been inseparable ever since. Although Tex is a loyal companion on the road, unfortunately he can't accompany Adam while he's out at sea. When he took a job in Turks and Caicos, for example, his beloved pooch had to stay home. The distance clearly affects the chef as he posted, "Happy to say I'll be back on the adventure with my boy Tex in just two more weeks. And I absolutely cannot wait, I miss him so much!" He'd previously shared how sad Tex was to see him go, too.

Adam subsequently shared an Instagram Story (via CheatSheet) of his plane landing in San Francisco, writing "home sweet home" alongside the post. The clip finishes with footage of Tex excitedly dashing out to greet his dad when he sees the chef appearing in the driveway. The Below Deck Mediterranean star can't even take a photo of Tex because the dog is so excited.

Below Deck Mediterranean's Adam traversed the country multiple times

When the question was raised concerning whether Adam Glick would return to Below Deck, after appearing in seasons 2 and 3 of Mediterranean, the Adventure Chef may have sounded a bit hesitant. After all, he'd spent the intervening time traversing the U.S. with doggie Tex in tow, getting down to the nitty gritty with his campfire cooking while also indulging in the kinds of outdoor activities that originally gave him his nickname. "I drove across the country five times," he recalled to Bravo's Daily Dish, explaining that, in doing so, he'd been "dialing in what makes me happy as a chef."

Rather than it putting him off heading back out to sea, however, Adam felt "refreshed." He continued, saying, "I feel like my food's on point, and I feel like I'm ready to go." Although he belongs on the open road with Tex and his van, Adam acknowledged that eventually he had to return to the real world. "At some point, you need to go socialize a little bit more, maybe challenge yourself a little bit more," he said, admitting that when finally he got the call to come back, it was a no-brainer.

Adam returned to the Below Deck fold

Adam Glick made his triumphant return to Below Deck aboard the Parsifal III as he joined the ranks of the spinoff show Sailing Yacht. In an interview with Vulture, he explained that it was simply the right time for him to come back. "To be candid with you, when Bravo calls you up and says, 'Hey, you wanna do another series?' you say yes. That's the reality of the situation," he admitted, noting that after spending so long traveling the country in his van, he liked the prospect of "[cruising] out to Greece for six weeks" before ultimately hitting the road again.

The Adventure Chef acknowledged that his Season 2 run on Below Deck Mediterranean was hard because he was still getting used to everything, which was destabilizing for someone who'd already been in the business for a decade and figured he already knew his way around a kitchen.

Adam felt he'd be better equipped for Below Deck Sailing Yacht. "Third time's the charm," he said. As for what he learned about cooking on a sailboat, Adam noted, "When you're working, you've got to remember to just work. That's the most important thing."

Adam found love again after Below Deck Mediterranean

When speaking to Vulture about Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Adam Glick hinted at the "many other situations" he got himself into during filming. One of those "situations" had to do with Adam's onscreen dalliance with chief stew Jenna Macgillivray. It was a surprising turn of events for several reasons, chief among them how the chef had already expressed his unwillingness to get involved with someone in the crew again after his love triangle with Malia White and Wes Walton Below Deck Mediterranean.

"Adam goes through a lot in this season, mostly because of me," Jenna said of Below Deck Sailing yacht when speaking to Showbiz CheatSheet, noting he showed a real "vulnerability." During a May 2020 appearance on Watch What Happens Live @ Home with Andy Cohen (via Bravo's Daily Dish), though, Adam confirmed their relationship hadn't survived on land.

However, they keep in contact with each other, with the chef confirming to Cohen, "Yes, in fact, we were just speaking earlier today." Jenna told CheatSheet, for her part, that there would always be feelings there but the relationship is complicated.

This is Adam's favorite chief stew from his time on Below Deck

Playing favorites isn't usually a good idea, particularly in a professional environment, like when you're stuck in close quarters out at sea. But Adam Glick isn't afraid of anything  — he is the Adventure Chef after all. When it came time to name his favorite chief stew, Adam didn't hesitate.

"Working with Hannah [Ferrier] and working with Jenna [Macgillivray] is like night and day," he began, during an episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht (via Decider). "Hannah was a cold, long, dark night. Jenna is like a beautiful morning with sun and chirping birds and spring flowers. Night and day!"

Adam and Jenna, who subsequently became involved romantically, clearly hit it off from the outset. In an interview with Bravo's Daily Dish ahead of the season, they showcased how alike they are. Adam argued he didn't have any advice for Below Deck staff newcomers because they wouldn't listen anyway while Jenna confirmed she wouldn't listen herself. Adam then acknowledged, "Some of us had to learn that the hard way. Or I still haven't learned, actually."

Adam rocked the boat by badmouthing Captain Sandy of Below Deck Mediterranean

Below Deck Mediterranean fans will know you don't mess with the beloved Captain Sandy. And yet Adam Glick did just that when he compared her unfavorably to Captain Glenn (the captain under whom he served on Sailing Yacht). In an interview with Vulturehe recalled, "When I first met Glenn, I found him to be a bit of a softie. Not that kind of hard-a** 'I'm the captain.'" The chef then went on to argue that "Captain Sandy was a true micromanager compared to Glenn" and he didn't have to "[look] over [his] shoulder" as much with Glenn.

He doubled down on those comments while appearing on the show, telling producers (via Bravo), "I was perpetually under the microscope with Sandy. So it feels really good to be working with someone that actually trusts the crew."

Captain Sandy, when prompted by a fan on Twitter, admitted she wasn't impressed by Adam's comments, writing that she "was sad to hear that from Adam." She continued, writing, "Hope he learned from his BDM experience and brought something special to [Below Deck Sailing Yacht]," she opined.

Below Deck Mediterranean's Adam may be done with the boat life for good

Although Adam Glick was happy to return to the open seas as a crew-member on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, the Adventure Chef isn't convinced the yachting life is for him. Still, he's grateful for the opportunity to grow as a person. While appearing on Watch What Happens Live @ Home with Andy Cohen, he admitted it's very difficult at times but that, ultimately, seeing himself "play out on television for three-plus years has been a rewarding experience." He added, "It's still nice to see yourself and sort of reflect on who you are and how you treat people."

However, Adam acknowledged he isn't usually so hot-tempered in real life situations and therefore wonders whether the yacht life is necessarily the right path for him. In fact, he admitted with a laugh, "I think that the learned lesson for me, in the long run here, is that after 12 years living and working on the open ocean, I'm f***ing over it." For the perpetually chilled-out chef, he said, "I'm ready to have a ranch. I'm ready to live my life on land and grow a beautiful garden."