The Truth About Hazel Busby's Eye Condition

While the Busby quints of OutDaughtered may have been hard to tell apart as babies, the older they get the easier it is to identify them as they each have unique and adorable traits. Hazel Busby, for example, can be picked out of the bunch because of her gorgeous red curls and because — so far — she's the only one of the quints who wears glasses.

Hazel is quite young to be wearing glasses, and needs to wear them because of a condition called nystagmus. As noted by WebMD, nystagmus is a condition characterized by uncontrollable eye movement. While there may be uncontrollable movement in just one eye, nystagmus usually affects both eyes. The condition is sometimes known as "dancing eyes."

There are different kinds of nystagmus, with the kind Hazel has, infantile nystagmus, usually developing when a baby is two or three months old, per the American Optometric Association. Aside from affecting vision and depth perception, the uncontrollable movements caused by nystagmus can also impair balance and coordination. Nystagmus is typically caused by a neurological problem. There is no cure, although eyeglasses and contacts can help improve vision.

Hazel Busby has had surgery for her eye condition

The Busbys opened up about Hazel having nystagmus in an Instagram post. While Hazel seems to be managing the condition now, they said that there is a chance it could become worse as she gets older. "We have no idea how far reaching her condition will affect her later in life," wrote the Busbys. "We have heard it all; from being considered legally blind and not being able to drive a car, to just needing glasses and may struggle to focus and everything in between. We are so thankful for her amazing attitude and how she takes every difficulty in stride. Here is to hoping that one day, a doctor somewhere can crack the code on this."

Hazel has undergone surgery for nystagmus, although not to correct her vision. "It's more so to correct the placement of where her eye goes to focus better so she doesn't have to turn her neck, which is a huge deal," explained her mom, Danielle, on the show (via Distractify).

Danielle told Us Weekly that Hazel goes to the eye doctor "every couple months" to stay on top of her eye condition. "It's inevitable that one day she'll have another [surgery]," she said