The Face Mask Hack You'll Want For Your Next Salon Visit

Thanks to lengthy lockdowns, a lot of people are in serious need of a haircut. While some people are embracing the lockdown look and letting their locks flow freely, others have become desperate for a trim, and have even resorted to cutting their own hair. Fortunately, those who have been hankering for a haircut will be able to get one soon — with some caveats.

As non-essential businesses slowly open back up, most people will be able to schedule a trim, but don't expect your haircut experience to be the same as it was before COVID-19. Social distancing is still being encouraged, and we should all be taking precautions like washing our hands diligently, and wearing a mask or face covering when we go out in public. Of course, wearing a face mask while getting a haircut seems rather impractical, as face mask straps go around your ears, and therefore can get tangled up in your hair.

This face mask hack is genius

Thankfully, one hair stylist, Olivia Smalley, has come up with an ingenious way to cut her clients' hair without ever requiring them to take off their face masks (via American Salon). She demonstrated the technique in an Instagram video. A self-proclaimed "Queen of Hair Hacks," Smalley's method of cutting hair is a game changer that will help people get their hair cut, while also working to slow the spread of coronavirus (via Instagram).

Smalley's easy-but-effective hack just requires a simple hair bungee. Attach the hooks to pull together the ear loops of a face mask and voila! It becomes a piece of cake to adjust the loops as needed in order to cut hair near the ear or hairline. Smalley noted on Instagram that this hair hack isn't just effective but also "super comfortable."

If you're thinking about getting a haircut in the new future, this is a hack you'll definitely want to let your stylist know about. While they'll likely have hair bungees on hand, bringing your own won't hurt just to be safe. Short on hair bungees? A perm rod will also do the trick!