TikTok Hack Shows The Garbage Bag Mistake You've Been Making Your Entire Life

If you thought that TikTok was just another trendy social media app, think again. While the video sharing app can be used for sharing mundane moments and dance challenges, it can also be educational. TikTok is filled with hacks that teach you everything from a better way to do your foundation to how you should really be drinking your bottled Starbucks Frappuccinos.


Now, TikTok is showing us how to take out the trash. If you, like most people, line your garbage cans by shoving the liner inside the bin before folding the top of the liner over the rim of the bin and leaving the excess liner hanging, you're doing it wrong. Yes, there is apparently a wrong way to line a garbage bin. Who knew?

TikTok user @chris.hhl showed the internet a far more effective way of lining your trash cans and while it's a simple hack, it's a total game changer.

This garbage bag hack eliminates air pockets

You've probably noticed that garbage can liners can trap pockets of air at the bottom of the can, filling the space between the liner and the bin. With this hack, however, those air bubbles are completely eliminated. Instead of just shoving your garbage liner into the bin, @chris.hhl recommends stretching your liner over the garbage can, then neatly pushing the rest of the bag inside the bin to line the whole thing.


While it's kind of unsettling to think that you've probably been lining your garbage cans wrong your entire life, you're not alone in being surprised that there's another way to do this. In the caption of the video, @chris.hhl expressed his surprise that not everyone uses his genius method. "When I learned not all people do this I was SHOOK," he said. TikTok to the rescue, once again.