Sweet Home Sextuplets: How Much The Waldrops Are Really Worth

The Waldrop family is massive; such is the basis of their hit TLC reality show, Sweet Home Sextuplets. But Courtney and Eric Waldrop didn't plan to extend their brood to such an extent and, although appearing on their own show naturally pays well, feeding a family of 11 is still a struggle. The couple already had three boys and were planning on a fourth child when their sextuplets came along thanks to IVF treatment, launching their regular family of five into the house-bursting double digits.

The Waldrops' community helps them to care for all nine of their children but, as the kids get older, things are only going to get tougher for the couple. As Courtney revealed in the pilot episode of the show, she had to go on bed rest just 24 weeks into her pregnancy, meaning her job as a schoolteacher was no longer bringing in any income. Thankfully, Eric was still working and TLC helped the couple to get more settled with their income, too.

The Waldrops are no strangers to hard work

As noted by Distractify, Eric runs a landscape design and maintenance company, based in north Alabama, as he revealed on Sweet Home Sextuplets. On top of that, 20 acres of the couple's combined 40 is a sheep farm, boasting 100 sheep when the show first began, which should surely earn them a decent amount. Eric founded Robinson & Waldrop Landscape Group with business partner Jeremy Robinson right out of college with a view to providing high-quality design and maintenance work.

Elsewhere, the Waldrops' church, the Solitude Baptist Church, rallied to raise money to help them offset some of the expenses associated with birthing sextuplets. In fact, about $5,000 was raised in a gender reveal run alone. Likewise, friends of the family provide free childcare as often as possible.

Sweet Home Sextuplets has netted the Waldrops millions

Although their salaries for the show haven't been revealed, the Waldrops are likely earning as much as $25,000 an episode like the Duggars of Counting On fame. Or, on the lower end, they might be earning $25,000 a season like the stars of Married at First Sight, as per Distractify. Elsewhere, reality TV producer Terence Michael advised E! News that families like the Waldrops stand to earn around 10 percent of a series' budget. Therefore, if a show is budgeted between $250,000 and $400,000 for an episode, the featured family makes as much as $40,000 per episode.

It all adds up, with The Cinemaholic reporting the Waldrops are worth almost $2 million to date. The site suggests most of their income comes from the show, of course, but also the farm nets them a decent amount. As the next season of Sweet Home Sextuplets starts, their fortune will only increase, which is lucky considering how many mouths the Waldrops have to feed.