How Much Is Real Housewives Star Shannon Beador Worth?

Shannon Beador joined the cast of the Real Housewives of Orange County when the show was already nine seasons strong, and she immediately became a fan favorite as part of the tres amigas alongside Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge. She was previously married to David Beador, who owns a hugely successful construction company, and when their divorce was finalized, all the details about just how much money both parties were pulling in became public.

Naturally, it's unsurprising that a woman who calls Orange County home and appears on Bravo's OG Housewives show is worth a pretty penny, but even compared to some of her co-stars, Beador has some serious dough. She may be a laid-back, clean-living mother-of-three first and foremost, but this is one reality star who isn't afraid to splash the cash she's earned over years of hard work.

Shannon Beador's Real Housewives salary is huge

Radar Online confirmed, via court documents filed as part of the divorce in 2018, that the RHOC star was pulling in a whopping $400,000 per season on the show. However, her ex swiftly claimed Beador actually makes double that amount. Then, complicating matters further, another Radar Online report stated court documents filed the year before by Beador revealed that she expected to pay close to half her salary in taxes, which came to about $400,000 at the time.

Those same papers also claimed that Beador earned $181,390 from management company Central Entertainment Group, which handles her high-earning bookings and endorsement deals. The Real Housewives star also made $5,150 from NBC Universal for taking part in so-called "network sponsored events."

Beador's ex pays her spousal support

Although the divorce was contentious, Beador ultimately walked away from it with $1.4 million courtesy of her ex-husband, as per The Blast, which viewed the court documents. He was also tasked with shelling out $10,000 per month in child and spousal support, as per People, after the businessman requested a judge reconsider the amount in early 2019. It was initially set at $30,000, which even Beador herself admitted she felt bad about (though she did want it higher than the amount she ultimately was given).

Aside from making big bucks as a reality star, Beador launched her own healthy frozen meals in association with QVC back in 2018, as reported by Bravo. All things considered, Celebrity Net Worth puts Beador's net worth at $20 million.