Does Jamie Otis Want Her Kids To Find Love On Married At First Sight? - Exclusive

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner are one of Married at First Sight's most celebrated success stories. At first things for the match-made-in-reality-TV couple had looked a little iffy. Most memorably, Jamie cringed when she first saw Doug; the former Bachelor contestant was not physically attracted to the man she saw waiting for her at the end of the aisle. Eventually, though, the couple fell in love and decided to stay married. Capturing the closeness of their relationship on social media and in a podcast, Hot Marriage Cool Parents, the twosome has heaped praise upon the psychologists and other experts who had so thoughtfully and strategically paired them. 

Now Jamie and Doug, who married in the 2014 pilot season, are parents to two littles, a two-year-old girl named Henley Grace and a son named Hendrix, born this May. In an exclusive interview with The List, Jamie opened up about whether she would want her children to meet their future life mates under the same circumstances that brought she and Doug together.

Jamie hopes her kids avoid reality TV to find love

Even though Jamie and Doug couldn't be more smitten, she'd rather not meet her future son- and/or daughter-in-law on the set of a reality show. "Honestly, I would prefer that they meet someone naturally and organically and not need help," Jamie admitted. "But there are thousands and thousands, and maybe even millions, of people in this world who haven't had success finding love that way."

However, Jamie added that she would stand by her children no matter how they find their partners. "And if modern technology helps them find love, whether it be a website or something as radical as getting married to a stranger on TV — if that's how they find the one person they are absolutely in love with and build a future with, I will stand behind my children 100 percent," she emphasized.

What's more, she says she has zero expectations about who Henley and Hendrix love when they are adults. "I don't care who it is that they love. If they are in love with this person, then I want to be there to support them," Jamie said. "And I don't care how they found it or what color their skin is or what religion they are as long as they're happy and loved. And that's all that matters."