Costco's New Food Court Change Has People Talking

In a climate rife with all kinds of conflict, it can feel difficult at times to identify things that unite people across all backgrounds. It might seem foolish to even look for unity in matters of opinion, especially if you spend any length of time on Twitter and other social media. Seriously, can you think of one popular opinion that someone wouldn't defend or rail against to the point of actual rage?

If you can think of oneit just might be the seemingly universal love for the Costco food court, which boasts some of the store's best-selling items. A quick search on Twitter returns comments like, "Costco food court will never break your heart or your wallet." And another tweet: "why doesn't the Costco food court have a michelin star rating yet?" Given all this unbridled adulation, it should come as no surprise that the announcement of new menu items at the big-box store has stirred up some strong emotions. After all, who doesn't get excited about ice cream? 

The scoop on Costco's new ice cream

According to one Instagram user, who claims to be a Costco insider, the new menu items are Kirkland Signature Vanilla Ice Cream and two different sundae toppings, strawberry and chocolate. If you're thinking, "Wait a second, didn't Costco already have ice cream?" The answer is ... sort of. While Costco has served frozen yogurt for years (very berry, anyone?), it's not exactly the same thing (via Yahoo! Life). And somewhat unfairly, other countries have been enjoying ice cream at Costco for years. According to Daily Hive, Vancouver's Costco has had ice cream sundaes since back in 2017 with three different toppings (chocolate, berry, and caramel). Also, Japanese Costcos have had soft-serve ice cream since at least 2018, according to Business Insider. But even if we're getting it later than some, it's nice to know that you now can pick up a cup or a cone from Costco. 

Curious about the details? A cone of the new Kirkland brand vanilla ice cream alone will cost you $1.99. A cup with a topping (i.e. a sundae) will be $2.49.