The Real Meaning Of The Ace Family's New Baby's Name

The Ace Family's new baby is here! Austin and Catherine McBroom, of the popular YouTube channel The Ace Family, announced the birth of their newest bundle of joy last month on Instagram, but held off on announcing what they had decided to name their baby boy. The happy couple finally revealed in a recent YouTube video that they've given their son a very powerful name: Steel McBroom. The couple did not announce a middle name.

Catherine revealed that the name holds a lot of significance to the family. The name came to her when she was pregnant with her daughter, Elle. They didn't know if they were having a boy or a girl at the time, so, while Catherine always knew she wanted to name a daughter Elle, she tried to think of potential boy names. "There was a certain occasion where Austin was actually playing basketball in another city," she said. "I was home alone a lot during that time. It just came to me one day. The name just came to me, it was so random. It didn't really mean anything at the time, at all. It's kind of an uncommon name, and kind of, in a way, odd. But, I told Austin and he liked it."

The name holds another meaning, as Austin commissioned someone to write Catherine a poem "from" her unborn son. The poem coincidentally included their son's name in it. To the couple, it felt like fate. "I love his name ... something about him in particular, I feel so much power," said Catherine. Austin added, "It reminds me of superheroes. It's so strong."

What does The Ace Family's new baby's name mean?

While the names of the couple's other two kids, Elle and Alaïa, start with letters found in "Ace," Steel's name breaks the mold a bit. Austin and Catherine explained that the name still fits, though, because they refer to themselves as "the Aces," and that the "s" now stands for Steel.

Aside from having personal significance to The Ace Family, Steel's name has a very powerful meaning. Steel, of course, is an alloy made from iron and carbon. As noted by Encyclopedia Britannica, steel has an "unparalleled range of mechanical properties" and "is used to fabricate everything from sewing needles to oil tankers." In short, steel is really, really strong, making it a mighty name choice.

Per The Bump, Steel is related to the Old English name Steele, which means "like steel." While not a very common given name, the outlet reported that it has seen an increase in use in recent years.