Details You Didn't Know About Bobby Berk's Marriage

Bobby Berk does all the work, or so the adage goes for fans of Netflix's all-conquering Queer Eye reboot, a blinding beacon of positivity in a world that sometimes feels crushingly dark. While his co-stars flit in and out of each episode — Jonathan Van Ness styles the hair of the featured "Hero" (as the Fab Five refers to their makeover recipients), Tan France takes care of their wardrobe, Antoni Porowski teaches them how to make avocado toast, and Karamo Brown makes them cry — Berk is on hand for the entire week to remodel their home.

In spite of how much work he evidently puts into each makeover, Berk remains a low-key presence on the show. He doesn't demand attention the way JVN does, but without him, Queer Eye wouldn't be the same. Since he's somewhat shy, at least onscreen, you may not know that Berk is a happily married man.

Bobby Berk's husband is his long-time love

Berk's husband, maxillofacial surgeon Dewey Do, is not a public figure. Heck, even his Instagram account is private. In 2018, the Queer Eye star and Do did give People a peek inside their home at the time, a luxurious L.A. loft inside an old train station. The couple previously lived in New York for 15 years, so space was a key factor in their move to the opposite coast. In spite of keeping their relationship mostly under wraps, Berk told Stylist his happy place is "at home with my husband" and described Do as his "greatest love."

When it came time to decorate their home, Berk naturally took the lead on the design. However, he still wanted his hubby's input. As the reality star explained to Cosmopolitan, "I pick, like, the three choices that I want, and then I let him pick from those three. I still like to give him choices, because I want him to feel, you know, like it's his home as well."

Bobby Berk got married as soon as it was legal

The two got married in 2012, with Berk gushing to People, "As soon as it became legal to get married, we got married." Do proposed and Berk admitted it was "entirely a surprise" when it happened. However, the friend who officiated the event didn't submit the correct paperwork, so the couple soon had to rush to the NYC courthouse to make it properly official.

The next step might be starting a family, with Berk telling People in 2019, following their move to the quieter Silver Lake area, that kids are in their "five-year plan" and will likely happen: "When things have calmed down from Queer Eye a little bit." Currently, he's just too busy and Do is fretting about being a single parent. Plus, it would probably mean another move to a more kid-friendly property, but that just means more renovations for Berk. Even in his own home, he (happily) does all the work.