Details You Need To Know About Christina Anstead's Best Friend Cassie Zebisch

Christina Anstead originally came to prominence as the co-host of HGTV's Flip or Flop, alongside ex-husband Tarek El Moussa. Her spinoff show, Christina on the Coast, not only gave Anstead the space to show off who she really is but also offered fans a delightful inside look at her private life, from her relationship with new husband Ant Anstead to her parenting style, and most tellingly, her lifelong friendship with BFF Cassie Zebisch.

Funny enough, the very first flip the HGTV star handled on her show was of Zebisch's childhood home, which Anstead turned into a dream house. Her BFF gushed at the time how excited she was for the episode to air so that everyone else could, "See how hard my best friend has been working on her new project! I am so proud of you!" (via Instagram

Suffice to say, Zebisch and Anstead are each other's ride or die, now and forever.

Christina Anstead and Cassie Zebisch go way back

House Beautiful reports the two have been friends for more than 20 years. They're so close, in fact, that Zebisch is Anstead's daughter, Taylor El Moussa's, godmother. She's essentially part of the family at this stage. In fact, Zebisch stayed at the Anstead home for 10 weeks while filming Christina on the Coast. "Brayden [Christina's son] would wake up early and come into my room and tell me he's hungry, so I'd get up and make him breakfast," she recalled, noting, "We're all so close that it was super easy, actually." 

Zebisch and Anstead have shorthand for their duo, "C&C," which often pops up in their sweet Instagram exchanges. Zebisch works in PR, specializing in sports and entertainment. According to her LinkedIn, she's currently the Senior Director of Communications at AEG, as well as Co-founder and Principal of reBUILD20, but she also works as Anstead's personal publicist. As revealed on Christina on the Coast, Zebisch is Anstead's unofficial tanning artist, too, often providing her with spray tans when requested.

Cassie Zebisch has a love besides her BFF

As Zebisch told House Beautiful, her friendship with Anstead is more than solid. "We've gone to junior high, high school and college together — we even lived together in college — and we've been through everything together. I consider her family," she explained. She completely trusted Anstead to renovate her place, too, noting, "Christina and I have very similar tastes, and I knew she wouldn't do something she wouldn't want in her own home in mine."

Although her BFF was acting as matchmaker for a time, Zebisch has found love with her partner, Jason. On his birthday in November 2019, she shared on Twitter a photo of the two looking completely loved up, writing alongside it, "Happy 40th Birthday to my LOVE this weekend just reiterated everything I already knew I loved about you and your big heart. Your family and friends showed you how much they love you and how proud they are of you!"