What Honey Boo Boo's Sister Anna Cardwell Is Up To Today

Rising to fame alongside her sister Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson and their mother, June Shannon, Anna Cardwell (née Shannon) first showed up on our television screens as a soon-to-be-mom nicknamed "Chickadee" in August of 2012 (via NY Daily News). Cardwell's daughter Kaitlyn was born prior to the show's premiere in July of that year and famously had an extra thumb on her tiny hand, which was later surgically removed. In May 2014, Cardwell married her new boyfriend Michael Cardwell, and the two welcomed their first child, a daughter named Kylee, in December 2015 (via US Weekly). 

At this point, the original TV series had ended, and Cardwell had begun to move on from Mama June. She told ET that she had originally signed on for just on season in return for money to purchase a house. The reality series instead lasted two and a half years. Post-show, Cardwell split with husband Michael in 2017 (via Life & Style), and struggled with confidence and body image. In a heartbreaking Instagram post from the same year as her split she shares, "dont feel good tonight wish i looked good this good all the time but i guess i dont get called it [a lot] but yall help me out with my problem lol."

Anna Cardwell and her family are thriving

But instead of dwelling on what might have been, Anna Cardwell took charge and is looking fabulous today — without Mama June. She has a new boost in confidence thanks to a multi-thousand dollar makeover she underwent at the same time as her sister Jessica (via The Sun). The reality star got liposuction and breast implants, as well as veneers, and she reportedly feels fabulous. 

In addition to her new look, she also just bought her dream home with partner Eldridge Toney. He's said to be a great dad to the young Kaitlyn (pictured) and Kylee. Cardwell shares, also per The Sun, "Eldridge and I are hoping to get married within the next year and we want a child together. Eldridge is great with the girls and we wanted to have a bigger home to raise our family in. We fell in love with the property being along the lakeside."

Cardwell works at a Walmart in Georgia where she's said to love her job. While Chickadee's clan is healthy and doing well, don't expect them to appear on any of Mama June's shows anytime soon. The notorious June Shannon made sure to let everyone know that Anna would be absent in 2020 due to her "selfishness" and "issues" from the past (via Little Things). Unfortunately, you just can't please everyone.