Put Red Lipstick Under Your Eyes And Watch What Happens

If you've been trying to do away with the circles under your eyes for years, then you're in good company. Many of us have tried all sorts of beauty tricks and secrets, but despite our best efforts, people on the street still come up and say, "You look really tired" or "Are you sick?" Then, they pat you on the back like they're modern-day Mother Teresas, having just done their good deed for the day. It's a dubious honor, at most, to be a part of the "wow-look-at-the-bags-under-your-eyes" club.

The dark circles under your eyes may have been married to you for at least as long as Tom Hanks has been married to Rita Wilson, but have you tried red lipstick? Be warned. Putting red lipstick under your eyes is not a beginner's trick (via Adore Beauty). If you go wrong, you may end up looking like Kristen Stewart in Twilight. On the other hand, if you do it right, you can banish the bags and face the world looking as fresh and well-rested on the outside as you feel on the inside.

How to use red lipstick to hide under-eye circles

Just ask YouTuber Deepica Mutyala and her 10 million viewers. Applying red lipsticks to your eye circles really does make a difference, particularly if the circles under your eyes have green or blue undertones.

The first thing you've got to do to ensure success is pick your lipstick shade accordingly. It's all about color theory. Red-toned lipsticks are on the opposite side of the color wheel as green and blue. They will, therefore, neutralize those tones (via Today). If your eye bags aren't green or blue, pick another shade of lipstick for them. For example, if allergy season bring out the bags under your eyes, chances are they are reddish in tone (via Adore Beauty). In that case, neutralize your circles with a blue-tinted lipstick.

Second, make sure you're picking the right kind of lipstick to apply to your eyes. If you go matte, you run the risk of highlighting your under-eye wrinkles. And the odds are good that a high gloss will make look like you've just run a marathon. Instead, opt for a cream lipstick to ensure maximum blendability.  

Finally, make sure to allow time for the lipstick to set under your eyes before you apply your concealer to help you avoid a colorful mess (via Style Caster). And even if it doesn't quite work the first time, you can always try again, as practice makes perfect when it comes to this beauty hack.