What Happened To Justin McSwain From My 600-Lb Life?

Justin McSwain's episode of My 600-lb Life tugged at the heartstrings in a way many others haven't. The young college graduate from South Carolina, who once had his whole life in front of him, was housebound and barely able to perform basic activities like walking around the block. As his episode began, McSwain was beating himself up for letting his weight get so out of control that it left him struggling to breathe at times, unable to complete ordinary tasks.

He couldn't fit safely into his rental car. "I'm a little bit worried now because I'm not sure how big this vehicle is going to be, but if it's too small, then I'm not going to be able to fit, and that's obviously going to be an issue," he said in his episode, which originally aired on Jan. 23, 2019 (season 7, episode 4). When checking on a possible replacement car, McSwain voiced his greater concern: "I am trying really hard not to spiral and have a panic attack" (per IMDb).

McSwain's addiction to food began as a child, when, following his parents' divorce, the youngster found it hard to fit in with his father's new family. By 14, McSwain was more than 200 pounds. He had to lose 92 pounds before the legendary Dr. Now would even consider working on him but, happily, by the end of his time on My 600-lb Life, McSwain had lost a whopping 334 pounds total (via Daily Mail).

Justin McSwain is living his best life

McSwain is active on social media, sharing plenty of posts on his public Twitter and Instagram accounts. On Twitter, his bio notes the former reality star is a "digital mass media specialist" and is still living in Houston, Texas. It seems he's more than kept up with his weight loss plan in the intervening years and looks like a completely different person than the one we met on My 600-lb Life.

While Starcasm says Justin McSwain has actually returned home to South Carolina, regardless of where he's living, it's a healthy life. He's not shy about sharing his struggle, either, noting on Instagram toward the end of last year: "It's a battle every day with food addiction, anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, and a whole lifetime of bad habits that need to be overcome. I hear a lot of 'it happened years ago, these people should get over it.' But it isn't that simple."

For Justin McSwain, the future looks bright

The Cinemaholic reports that while living in Houston, McSwain hung out with other My 600-lb Life cast members, including Diana, whom he admitted was his favorite. He also looked to be taking steps in coping with his agoraphobia, including visiting the local dog park and walking alongside hundreds of others for charity in support of the National Eating Disorder Association (via Inquisitor).

At the beginning of 2020, he took a moment to share what a whole decade of weight loss work looks like, advising he was ready to take the year on and grateful for the time he's gained by getting fit. McSwain is, naturally, adhering to social-distancing guidelines during the quarantine, spending time with friends while keeping a safe distance. Overall, though, he's staying happy and healthy and focusing on the future.

The My 600-lb Life star is grateful for how far he's come

After proudly sharing the results of 10 years(!) worth of hard work and commitment to a healthier lifestyle, Justin McSwain took to Instagram once again in January 2021 to show off just how impactful his journey has been. Posing with a big smile on his face, in the middle of his living room, the former reality star showcased the major significance of his weight loss journey by putting on an old pair of pants he used to wear when he was heavier. Now, though, the pants aren't just hanging off his slimmer frame — McSwain can fit his entire body into one of the legs.

Considering how everybody endured a difficult 2020, the My 600-lb Life fan fave acknowledged, "I'm just proud of maintaining over the past (very chaotic) year. These pants are a good reminder of why I do it." He advised, "Through quarantine and feelings of being trapped again it's been even harder to maintain than it was to lose, and though it's far from easy and I do fluctuate, I am still further along than I ever thought possible." McSwain ended his post by thanking the inimitable Dr. Now "for taking a chance on me."