Inside 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's Tim And Melyza's Relationship Today

It hasn't been an easy road for 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way stars Tim and Melyza. When they were first introduced to viewers, Tim seemed like a sweet, well-meaning, regular guy who'd met the woman of his dreams, even though the physical distance between them made having a relationship that much more complicated. Melyza, from Colombia, planned to marry Tim, but the Texas native revealed he'd cheated on her with a co-worker just a month prior to her arrival in Texas on a six-month tourist visa (via TV Shows Ace).

On a recent episode of the hit spinoff show, viewers got to hear Melyza's side of the story, as Tim finally arrived in Colombia to fight for their relationship with the shock-waves from his bombshell still reverberating. Although Melyza ultimately decided to give Tim a second chance, she also admitted to not being fully able to trust him yet, leaving fans reeling. So, are these two crazy kids going to work things out, or is it curtains for the beleaguered 90 Day Fiancé stars?

Tim is selling his love story with Melyza on social media

Although the show seemed to indicate Melyza had a lot of soul-searching to do before she could fully commit to Tim again, social media suggests they're still very much together. Tim posted a sweet shot with his lady back in February, as well as a link to an interview he did with a local paper to promote the show, complete with another pic of the two looking suitably loved up.

In late June, on the cusp of the show's premiere, Tim noted, "Melyza and I are feeling nervous and excited that tonight is our first episode that we will FINALLY appear." Again, this signals they're on the same page rather than reading from two different scripts.

Melyza is slightly more apprehensive about their future

Melyza, meanwhile, shared a preview for the show, quipping alongside it, "My eyes are light-sensitive, [which] makes me blink a lot. But, no worries, I can still see through the BS." During the July 27 episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Melyza called out Tim for downplaying the cheating incident by implying he didn't intend to be unfaithful to her. It's possible she's referencing this moment with her cheeky post.

The two still follow each other on social media, and Tim frequently tags Melyza in shots of their cat, Pepino, so clearly things aren't over just yet. It's likely that, contractually, they might not be able to say anything either way until the show airs but, for now at least, the future looks bright for Tim and Melyza.