Why Martha Stewart's Egg Salad Recipe Is Such A Game Changer

It's hard to find a more divisive food than egg salad. Some can't get enough, while others think cold eggs paired with mayonnaise are just disgusting. Just read this Reddit poll, where answers range from "It's eggcellant" to "THE WORLDS BIGGEST NOOOOOOPE!!!" And that's not even getting into the debate about whether adding relish is a good idea. Dozens of people have posted egg salad recipes that claim theirs is the best.

Plenty of celebrity chefs have put their own spin on egg salad, from Ree Drummond's Avocado Egg Salad to Rachel Ray's Deviled Egg Salad. But there's no spin to Martha Stewart's classic egg salad recipe. And what her recipe lacks in over-the-top ingredients, it makes up for with its simplicity. Find out what made one reviewer say, "This is the best egg salad I've ever made!"

Martha Stewart's egg salad relies on pantry staples

When it comes to egg salad, Stewart doesn't believe in maximalism. Her recipe strips it down to a few basics: eggs, mayonnaise, celery, Dijon mustard, hot sauce, salt, and pepper. Most of those ingredients are probably in your kitchen right now. If you'd like to add some more mix-ins, Stewart helpfully provides the following suggestions: black olives, chopped fresh parsley, chopped fresh chives, walnut pieces, chopped dill pickles, and capers. Any one of them will give a boost of either texture or flavor to your egg salad (though we wouldn't recommend combining all six of them!).

To make sure your hard-boiled eggs aren't overcooked, check out Stewart's cooking instructions. Making the perfect hard-boiled egg Stewart-style is all about the right temperature. She recommends putting the eggs and water and bringing them to a boil; then, remove heat and let them sit covered for 13 minutes, before transferring them to an ice bath. And no need to worry if any of the them crack — after all, you can't make egg salad without breaking a few eggs.