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Is Calvin Klein Underwear Worth The Hefty Price Tag?

Calvin Klein underwear has been a fashion hit for decades with its signature waistband and comfortable styles. The label first started by revolutionizing men's underwear in the 90s. Eventually, the huge demand for its men's line encouraged the brand to make its way into women's intimates as well. Soon the underwear became an item that people wanted to wear and show off (via GQ). Thus, the dual purpose of comfort and status came into play. But while that is all well and good, is the quality of the underwear really worth the high price?


Well, consider: The Cut recently named the Women's Regular Modern Cotton Boyshort Panty as the "Best BoyShorts to Peak Out from Under Jeans."  And one Amazon reviewer had nothing but praise for this style, writing: "They are comfortable, snug without being tight. They stay put and don't ride up. The material is soft and breathable." However, one medium pair of these Calvin Klein boyshorts costs $22 on Amazon.

With Calvin Klein underwear, you're paying for the quality and the label

Known for its steamy ad campaigns, Calvin Klein underwear represents a desire to feel like the models and celebrities who have donned their skivvies in the past, including Kate Moss and Kendall Jenner (via Fashion Gone Rogue). There's certainly a reason that the brand's signature styles have been consistent bestsellers for the last 25 years (via The Guardian). 


So, when you're looking to buy a pair of Calvins, think about what you're looking for when you purchase them. Do you want to feel confident, stylish, and comfortable? Do you want to show them off? If you combine the status, the history, and the second-to-none comfort, your Calvins could be a way of experiencing the feeling of luxury — and may very well be worth the higher cost. The bottom line? It's all up to you.