What Fans Really Think Of Luke Bryan's Born Here, Live Here, Die Here

For diehard Luke Bryan fans, the wait is over. His much-anticipated album Born Here, Live Here, Die Here is out after a four-month delay due to coronavirus. We'd been lucky enough to hear some tracks from the release, like "One Margarita," "Knockin' Boots," and "What She Wants Tonight." But now, the entire album is officially out there for fans to sink their teeth into — and let's just say the initial reaction on social media is, pretty unsurprisingly, frenetically excited. That's because if you are a Luke Bryan fan, well, you'll defend his work through thick and thin (via Taste of Country). 

Not that fans need to defend anything other than Bryan's best. Critics are already on board with Born Here, Live Here, Die Here. Taste of Country praises the singer both for trying something new on this album, and for the diversity of the tracks. The Los Angeles Times says the album "lives up to its title with down-home tunes about small-town Southern life," but adds, "the album also continues the sly expansion of country music" that Bryan is best-known for.

What fans are saying about the album

One fan on Twitter says it all with her tweet about Bryan's new release: "I'm SO proud of you, Luke!!! This album is a masterpiece and it is so well deserved!!" Another Twitter user gushed, "Okay but @LukeBryanOnline new album #BornHereLiveHereDieHere is absolutely amazing." Another fan simply said, "all day today, it will be on, I'm so happy." A very enthused fan also tweeted, "THIS is the album Luke fans have been waiting for. This album is so incredible and pulls on every heartstring I am so in love."

Over on Instagram, the fan reaction is equally as glowing. "This new @lukebryan album is marvelous!! Didn't skip a single song faves being little less broken and down to one. Imma have this one on repeat," one fan raved. Another cheekily reviewed Bryan's work with this comment: "Thanks @lukebryan for reminding me that 2020 hasn't sucked entirely." 

Ultimately, it seems Bryan achieved what he wanted with this album. Because as he told the Tennessean, the music is for the fans. "No matter who you are as a human being, I'm visualizing how you'll react when you hear this," he told the outlet about his music. But he also added, "My main thing is I gotta wake up every day and do the songs I truly believe (are) what's in my heart." It seems they are finding a place in fans' hearts, too.