The Surprising Way To Freshen Your Laundry With Vodka

Laundry is one of those chores that never seems to end. You could spend the day doing load after load and barely get to the bottom of the hamper. As it turns out, however, you're better off being lazy when it comes to washing day. According to WiseBread, doing laundry too often is not only bad for the environment, it's also pretty hard on your clothes. 

While most of us know that your favorite pair of jeans don't need to be washed after each wear. And if we're being honest, no one is washing their bras like they do other undergarments. But what do you do when you're pulling together an outfit and those pants that make your butt look good are smelling a little less than fresh, because you threw them in a ball on a chair instead of hanging them back in your closet after you last wore them? No, you don't have time to do a quick wash, and they aren't really dirty, just musty. According to experts, the answer lies in your liquor cabinet (via Real Simple).

Vodka is an odor eliminator for your laundry

Vodka isn't just an ingredient in your favorite cocktail anymore, it can now serve double duty as a fabric refresher. All you have to do is grab your favorite highball glass, a little ice, cranberry juice, a splash of soda — oh yeah, and the clothes that need a refresh along with a spray bottle. Put some undiluted vodka in the spray bottle, and lightly mist the clothes that need some freshening up. 

According to Reader's Digest, the high alcohol content of the vodka breaks down the odors and leaves clothes smelling clean without any trace of booze. The Cleaning Coach Leslie Reichert revealed that the origins of this cleaning hack go back to Broadway. She explained, "Actors are sweating all night in their costumes, and they can't get them dry cleaned every night, so they just spray them with vodka." Just remember not to use flavored vodkas or they could leave a sticky feel and slight scent behind.

There you have it, in the space of minutes, voila! You've got fresh smelling clothes and a delicious vodka cranberry cocktail to enjoy. Hold on ... is it 5 o'clock yet?