The Truth About OutDaughtered's Grandma Deb

While OutDaughtered's Grandma Deb hasn't gotten a lot of screen time, she has long been a fan favorite after being spotted on the show helping out with the quints.

While she is affectionately referred to as "grandma," Grandma Deb doesn't seem to be related to the Busby family at all. Instead, it appears that she is a family friend, one who is close enough to the Busbys that she is considered to be family. In a tweet in 2017, Danielle Busby referred to Grandma Deb as a "church family grandma."

Grandma Deb seems to be close to the Busby family but doesn't appear to be friends with them for the fame. On the contrary, info about her is difficult to find, and even the most avid OutDaughtered fans haven't been able to find basic details like her full name. It's clear that she prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

Grandma Deb once saved the day on OutDaughtered

As noted by Distractify, Grandma Deb was memorably on hand in a season 2 episode when the Busby family was invited to make an appearance on Good Morning America. The quints were just 15 months old at the time, so Adam and Danielle Busby decided to bring one adult per quint to help out with the trip to NYC. One of the people invited along for the trip was Grandma Deb, who was referred to as a "family friend" on the show.

Half an hour before they were set to go on the air, a producer asked if the quints could change out of the dresses they were wearing into Good Morning America t-shirts. The family hadn't brought any pants to the studio, but Grandma Deb came to the rescue and ran back to the hotel to pick up pants for the girls.

While fans may wish they could see more of Grandma Deb on the show, it's clear that even if she isn't seen on TV, she's an important part of the quints' lives and they are lucky to have her.