Marrying Millions: Inside Rodney And Desiry's Relationship

Marrying Millions is back for another season, and in keeping with the established vibe set forth by season one, we can expect plenty of drama, disagreements, and wealth-based displays of affection. The hit Lifetime show is the brainchild of the geniuses behind 90 Day Fianceand similar to the tone of that insanely addictive show, the premise focuses on relationships where something fairly major is at stake. In the case of Marrying Millions, it has nothing to do with visa applications or language barriers. Instead, one party is super-rich, while the other is not.

Season two introduced a whole new raft of characters to us, along with some returning fan favorites, including Bill and Bri, whose 40-year age gap is a problem for everybody but them. In comparison, Rodney and Desiry's long-distance relationship issues seem almost quaint in comparison.

Marrying Millions' Rodney and Desiry face a few obstacles

Washington, D.C., native Rodney made his money in the wine business, so he's got plenty of cash to take care of both himself and girlfriend Desiry, who lives in L.A. and works for a non-profit organization, as reported by E! News. However, distance isn't the only issue these two face, as Rodney is called out, during a juicy teaser, for keeping Desiry off his social media entirely (via YouTube). Their relationship is something of a secret, which naturally brews tension between them.

Desiry refuses to move to D.C. until Rodney introduces her to his friends and family (via Parade). And, as TV Shows Ace notes, Rodney and Desiry's relationship was flagged by fans as being fake due to her supposed reluctance to sleep with him, which commenters claim is because Rodney is gay (though this is strictly a rumor). It's worth noting that, since Rodney is already wealthy, there's no logical reason for him to showcase his relationship on TV if he doesn't really love Desiry.

Marrying Millions' Rodney and Desiry are making long distance work

In keeping with the secretive nature of their relationship, neither Rodney nor Desiry have shared anything on their social media about each other. As The Cinemaholic advises, it's difficult to know what's going on either way but they're still following each other on social media, which is always a good sign. Desiry's bio indicates she's a "#SAG Actor, Host, Producing, Writing, Modeling, Entrepreneur," suggesting Marrying Millions isn't her first time in front of the camera (via Instagram). Rodney, meanwhile, mostly posts about wine and attending flashy events with celebs on Instagram.

Rodney has posted about the show (via Instagram), as has Desiry (via Instagram), indicating they're still on good terms with producers, if not each other. Rodney and Desiry do still appear to be living on separate coasts, however, though that may have more to do with the COVID-19 pandemic than anything else. Also, we can assume they haven't spoken out about their status due to contractual obligations, so there's nothing to suggest things have ended between them.