The Untold Truth Of Renovation, Inc.

Renovation Island, aka Island of Bryan, has made bonafide stars of Bryan and Sarah Baeumler. The couple at the heart of HGTV's latest hit show made the impossible possible with their dream of opening a stunning beachside resort on the isolated Bahamian island of Andros. Viewers were party to every disagreement, weather-based setback, and family bonding moment over the course of the series, endearing us to the Baeumlers and ensuring we rooted for their success.

And although Caerula Mar Club is finally open to the public and garnering terrific reviews from clients and critics alike, we're still left clamoring for more from the Baeumlers. Now that their incredible dream has become a reality, it might seem like their story is over, but as Renovation, Inc. promises, there's much more to their tale.   

Renovation Island was a major hit for HGTV

As HGTV notes, Renovation Island dropped at just the right time, in June 2020, when many people were still confined to their homes, desperately searching for content to pass the time. The Baeumlers, and their awe-inspiring journey restoring and renovating a neglected resort to make the first working establishment of its kind on South Andros in nearly two decades, provided a necessary escape from reality.

The combination of adventure, hard work, and the satisfaction of completing a project, as well as the likability of the Baeumler family themselves, proved irresistible. In the midst of confusing, unprecedented times, viewers were hooked on watching the family rehabilitate this stunning tropical island resort with limited resources, budget constraints, and all the while managing the typical issues of family life. The show proved to be a ratings boon for HGTV. Over 18.5 millions viewers watched it, making Renovation Island the number-two cable series in its time-slot.

Renovation, Inc., takes viewers back in time

If you're desperately in need of another Baeumler hit, HGTV has you covered. The network reports Renovation, Inc., a prequel series of sorts, is due to drop Sunday evening, August 30. The new show highlights how Bryan and Sarah ran their own hugely successful home renovation business. Cameras follow licensed contractor Bryan back in Ontario, Canada, as Sarah joined the family-owned construction company as project manager.

With their vastly differing opinions and tastes, the couple soon realized they'd have to rely on their shared sense of humor and good-natured rapport to continue working together while juggling multiple projects, difficult clients and, again, that complicated home life. "It's been so exciting for Sarah and me to share our adventures in The Bahamas with HGTV fans on Renovation Island," Bryan enthused. "Now, we're even more excited to go back in time and show you what we were up to before moving to the island and how it all got started."