Inside Jill Biden And Michelle Obama's Relationship

While Dr. Jill Biden might have a lot in common with Kamala Harris' husband, Douglas Emhoff, it's going to take a lot to eclipse her friendship with former First Lady Michelle Obama. Obama and Biden had an extraordinarily close relationship during their time in the White House. Obama even called Biden her "favorite person" at an event, evoking a joking shrug from her husband (via The Daily Conversation). 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Biden revealed the two had an "instant bond" as Senate wives who hadn't spent much time in Washington. They told EW they enjoyed sharing wine while traveling together — at least, when Biden, a teacher, wasn't busy grading papers. Whether it's appearing on The Voice together or going to the Invictus Games with Prince Harry, Biden and Obama are all smiles whenever they're together.

Jill Biden and Michelle Obama teamed up to support the military

While Biden and Obama had a lot of fun in the White House, they also did some serious work together. The two spent years working together under the Joining Forces Initiative, which focused on supporting service members, veterans, and military family members (via Obama White House). The first and second ladies made appearances at multiple events supporting the program.

At the final event for Joining Forces, Biden and Obama had glowing words to say about one another (via People). Obama was brought to tears after Biden introduced her as "a true role model, especially for young girls" during the event. "She is one of my dearest friends," Obama then said. "And, as Jill said, we're family. This is my girl right here. We have laughed together. We have been silly together. We have cried a lot. We've been there for each other as much as we can throughout this amazing journey. And Jill is not just brilliant, but she is kind. She is very funny. And she is one of the strongest people I know. I love and admire her with all my heart."

Michelle Obama was there for Jill Biden in tough times

While the presidency and vice presidency are tough on everyone who holds the office, the Bidens suffered a particularly tough loss in 2015. Their son, Beau, passed away at just 46 after a long battle with brain cancer (via CNN). While the Bidens grieved in the public eye, they were glad to have the Obamas in their corner. 

"Michelle has been truly wonderful...She knew what was going on, most people didn't," Biden told EW. "She was always caring and asking how we were doing, how the kids were doing, how Beau was doing. But she and Barack knew above all...what every week was like. When Beau died, they came over to the house, came to the funeral." Barack Obama delivered a moving eulogy during Beau's funeral, with some special words for the Bidens (via Obama White House). "To Joe and Jill — just like everybody else here, Michelle and I thank God you are in our lives. Taking this ride with you is one of the great pleasures of our lives."

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden still feel fondly toward each other

While Obama and Biden spent less time together after the Obamas left the White House, they're still fond friends. They even shared an umbrella when it began raining during President Trump's inauguration (via Allure). They also reunited to throw a joint graduation party in 2019 for Sasha Obama and the Bidens' granddaughter, Maisy Biden, who are close friends (via Business Insider).

If Michelle Obama ever decides to get into politics, she has Jill Biden's support. When asked what she thought of Michelle being Joe Biden's running mate in April, his wife was all for it (via The Hill). "I'd love it if Michelle would agree to it...She's so good at everything she does. That would be wonderful," Biden said. According to Politico, Obama made it clear in her memoir that she has no intention of ever running for office, something she seems to have in common with Biden, who has said she will continue teaching if her husband is elected (via Time).