What Sarah And Bryan Baeumler Hope Their Kids Learned From Renovation Island

HGTV's Renovation Island is a very different kind of home renovation show, primarily because its central couple, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, are renovating an entire island resort, rather than a single house or even several houses. Likewise, the renovation takes an entire series instead of playing out over an episode or two. As a result, viewers quickly became hooked on whether the couple would sink or swim in the Bahamas, where their fixer upper beach resort is located, rooting for their success all the way.


Happily, for everyone watching at home while in isolation, as well as the Baeumlers themselves, their story had a happy ending. They got their resort, Caerula Mar Club, up and running (even if they did go slightly over budget) and opened it up to guests this year. The reviews, from visitors and critics alike, have been wildly positive. And, although it was certainly worth it, there are certain things the Baeumlers wish they'd known before embarking on such an ambitious project. They learned a lot, though, and hope their kids did, too.

The Baeumlers hope their kids learned the value of money

The main pull of Renovation Island – or Island of Bryan as it's known in Canada, where Bryan and Sarah are originally from — is watching this lovable family working together to bring a massive project to life, while also contending with the pressures of regular family life. Nevermind the fact they've relocated halfway around the world to the picturesque yet isolated South Andros, further complicating matters. The Baeumlers may have spent a pretty penny bringing their resort dream to life, but they value every dollar they earn.


In fact, if there's one thing they hope their kids learned from the whole experience, it's the value of money. "Understanding the value of things in the short term versus the long term is important. And if you save and raise the money for something you really want, you develop a pride of ownership," Bryan explained to RBC Royal Bank. Working hard to earn the money to make your dreams come true is paramount for the Baeumlers. As Sarah explained of their approach, "Giving your kids some measure of responsibility can teach them the concept of working for money. And when they work for cash — or for something they want — there is more weight and significance attached to the item purchased."