Mike Pence's Kids: The Truth About Charlotte, Audrey, And Michael

Not as much is known about the children of Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen as say, the Trump children. Charlotte Pence-Bond is the most public of the three Pence kids, and counts a budding career penning a tribute to her father among her accomplishments. Meanwhile, Charlotte's sister Audrey lives a comparatively quiet life away from interview questions about her famous family — although, she has admitted to having liberal political views despite her father being a steadfast conservative.


As for their brother Michael Jr., he is a naval officer who also walks the path of modesty in the public eye, preferring a life of military service over having a foothold in politics. The Pence kids have accompanied their parents on the campaign trail, so we've definitely caught glimpses of them, which may have had you wondering what they are actually like. Well, here's what we know.

Charlotte Pence-Bond is a writer

The middle daughter of Mike and Karen Pence is Charlotte, a self-described political moderate, who recently married Navy Lt. Henry Bond at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland according to Today. Interestingly, it was Charlotte's brother Michael who introduced the two in 2017 — he knew Bond from flight training school.


Meanwhile, being the daughter of the Vice President comes with pros and cons for the new Mrs. Bond. "If they know who my dad is, [they] have a perception of me," Pence-Bond told CNBC about others' opinions of her. Still, the 27-year-old has her father to thank for encouraging her to follow her dream of becoming a writer, something she expressed as young as the age of 7. She is now a published author, having written Where You Go: Life Lessons from My Father, which is a biography of Mike Pence told from her perspective. According to Town & Country, Pence-Bond is also the author of two children's titles.

Audrey Pence is the youngest of the trio

Unlike older sister Charlotte, Audrey doesn't have a public Instagram account and not too much is known about the 25-year-old. We do know she recently got engaged to her college boyfriend Daniel Tomanelli — the two met at Northeastern, according to the Boston Globe. The outlet reports Audrey now attends Yale law school. Tragically, we also learned a very sad detail about her future husband: A few years ago, Tomanelli was injured in a plane crash that took the life of his father. 


In a social media post that has now been removed, Charlotte shared her thoughts about her little sister's engagement to Tomanelli, writing, "Dan, you've been through so many milestones with our family already and I can't wait to have you around for every one to come. Congratulations, super excited to have you join our family" (via The Washington Post).

Michael Pence leads a quiet life much like sister Audrey

The eldest Pence child, Michael Pence Jr., is a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps. He also keeps out of the spotlight like his youngest sister. Michael was married in 2016 to his wife Sarah according to Bustle, and even that milestone took place without any public fanfare. The VP said at the time about the wedding that it would be a "small, little, intimate ceremony just for immediate family." Even when he was one of seven graduates to receive Wings of Gold from the Naval Air Station in Meridian in 2018, both Michael Jr. and his father declined to be interviewed about the honor (via The Meridian Star).


One interesting tidbit that has been revealed about Michael's marriage to Sarah comes from mom Karen. She told CNN, "I learned about being a spouse from my daughter-in-law. She insists that [Michael] has his responsibilities in the house and she has hers. And I tend to say, 'Oh, you know, the vice president is really busy, I'll do this for him,' and — really — it's better if you don't."