Kimberly Guilfoyle: What You Don't Know About Donald Trump Jr.'s Girlfriend

Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend was a figure in the public eye before she began dating the president's son. Kimberly Guilfoyle began her career as a prosecutor before joining Fox News, where she worked as a host of The Lineup and The Five (via Business Insider). Before Guilfoyle began dating Trump, she had ties to his family, and was reportedly considered as a potential press secretary in 2016.

After she left Fox News, Guilfoyle made her professional ties to the Trumps official, and began work as a senior advisor on Donald Trump's 2020 campaign (via The Hill). She made headlines earlier this year when it was revealed she had tested positive for COVID-19 (via People). Guilfoyle's long career means there are plenty of stories about the former model people don't know.

She was once married to a famous Democrat

Guilfoyle's Republican roots run deep — she was a member of the Young Republicans Club while attending U.C. Davis (via Bustle). Yet, she married Democrat Gavin Newsom in 2001, just two years before he was elected Mayor of San Francisco. The two were considered a political power couple, and in 2004, Guilfoyle went from prosecutor to TV star when she began working for the Court TV show, Both Sides.

Guilfoyle and Newsom divorced in 2005. According to the couple, distance was the reason for their break-up, not politics. "I respectfully disagree with some of his positions that I don't believe in. However, I think he's authentic in terms of what he believes and what he's willing to fight for and I think that's really the most you can ask for of our politicians," Guilfoyle said of Newsom (via Bustle). She also predicted — correctly — that Newsom would be elected Governor of California.

She defended Roger Ailes

In 2016, the founder of Fox News, Roger Ailes, faced numerous accusations of sexual misconduct including a lawsuit from Gretchen Carlson (via CNN). After a review process, Ailes was eventually forced out of the company. Guilfoyle remained a staunch supporter of Ailes, despite the fact that he allegedly made sexist and offensive comments about Guilfoyle herself (via Vice). She called Ailes a "champion of women" and skeptically questioned why Carlson hadn't made her accusations public sooner.

Before Carlson's lawsuit was made public, Ailes' wife, Beth, reportedly asked Guilfoyle to rally support for her husband (via Time). The award-winning film about the scandal, Bombshell, cast actress Bree Condon as Guilfoyle, who was shown tossing tee shirts reading "Team Roger." Ailes passed away in 2017. The next year, reports leaked that Guilfoyle herself has been investigated for alleged sexual misconduct (via Vox). Guilfoyle's lawyers denied the rumors, and several media outlets speculated that Fox was attempting to plant false rumors about Guilfoyle as she departed the network.

She was rumored to date Anthony Scaramucci

Don, Jr. isn't the first prominent member of Trump's camp that Guilfoyle has been linked to romantically. In 2017, she was rumored to be dating former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci (via Page Six). Scaramucci's tenure at the White House was infamously short, and he was fired after only eleven days on the job after a bizarre tell-all interview with The New Yorker. Scaramucci's wife, Deidre Ball, filed for divorce while she was nine months pregnant, two days before Scaramucci was fired.

Guilfoyle and Scaramucci were photographed together at a charity event, and they reportedly vacationed in Rome and shopped for houses together in New York City. However, they denied they were dating, and sources claim the two were just good friends. According to Fox News, Scaramucci and Bell reconciled in 2018. Whether or not they ever dated, Guilfoyle and Scaramucci apparently remained friendly, and were spotted chatting together the same year (via Page Six).