The Truth About Tiffany Trump's Ex-Boyfriend, Ross Mechanic

Tiffany Trump is the daughter of President Donald Trump and his second wife, Marla Maples. The 26-year-old California girl previously attended the University of Pennsylvania and then went on to prestigious Georgetown Law School (via Biography). It was her commitment to her studies that reportedly ended her two year relationship with boyfriend Ross Mechanic (via Bustle). "She's taking law school seriously," a source told Us Weekly in 2018 about the "cordial" split. 

Distance could have played a part in the couple's demise, as Mechanic's family was based in New York City. But not much is known about their relationship or their breakup, given that Trump tends to lead a private life in comparison to her siblings. One of the only public events where the only daughter of Maples and the president was photographed with her ex was at 2017's New York Fashion Week, where they sat in the front row with Maples (via Us Weekly).

What we know about Ross Mechanic

Bustle reports the commander in chief's daughter met Mechanic while they were both attending undergraduate school at the University of Pennsylvania. He studied computer science — but want to hear something that will shock you? According to New York Daily News, Mechanic, a reportedly very good pool player — is a registered Democrat! Trump is actually a year older than the son of New York businessman Jon Mechanic, who is the chairman of Fried Frank's real estate department, according to NY Daily News. The elder Mechanic is also reportedly a Democrat and contributed money to Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Although Trump and Mechanic were not often photographed in public — with the exception of the 2016 Republic National Convention, the second presidential debate, and the Liberty inaugural ball — the couple was free with sharing photos of themselves partying and vacationing on Instagram (via Heavy). Another notable thing to know about Mechanic is that he seemingly leveraged his relationship with Trump to land an internship with Cadre, a real estate investment firm founded by none other than Jared Kushner, who is married to Tiffany Trump's half-sister Ivanka.