The Truth About Miley Cyrus' Mom, Tish Cyrus

Tish Cyrus, born Leticia Jean Finley according to her IMDb page, is best known as the wife of Billy Ray Cyrus, and mom of singer and actress Miley Cyrus. Believe it or not, Tish Cyrus was married before she famously wed Billy Ray — her first husband is Baxter Helson, and they have two children together, Trace and Brandi (via Wide Open Country). When Cyrus married her future second husband of 27 years, he adopted her kids.

Cyrus was pregnant with Miley when the couple made it official — somewhat controversially, the country star dad had gotten another woman pregnant around the same time, according toWide Open Country. When Cyrus was expecting their second child together, Braison, the two wed. It was 1993. Their union would experience ups and downs. In fact, you may not even know they are still together, since the famous parents have filed from divorce, then changed their minds, not once, but twice. Their first filing came in 2010; it was later dismissed. According to E!, the second filing was dismissed in 2017, and the parents of five (daughter Noah is their youngest) are still going strong.

"I do think that marriage is hard work," she told Bravo in 2017. "And I think a lot of people, when you go through struggles and difficult times, that people throw in the towel a little too easy. And I think that any relationship — whether it's marriage or family, it doesn't matter — it's you truly do have to take care of it and nurture and really work hard at relationships. And that's not always easy, especially in the business that we're in. So I think it's a lot just dedication and communication, which I'm not very good at."

Tish Cyrus is a momager, producer, and TV star

Starting from a young age, Miley Cyrus was performing alongside her dad on stage (via Cheat Sheet). Of course, you'll remember the young star would land the Disney show Hannah Montana with Billy Ray in 2007. That's when her mom began managing her career. "I just was kind of thrown into that when we moved [to Los Angeles] for Miley to do Hannah Montana. I managed her by myself for quite some time," Cyrus, who now co-manages Miley, said. She now also manages daughter Noah. The momager shared some insight into what it was like to manage her older daughter early on: "There were times where we would be on tour, and I'd have to ground Miley. She'd be like, 'You're fired!' And I'm like, 'You're not 18!' It was a whole thing." 

Beyond managing her two daughters' successful careers — they are both now primarily focused on music — Cyrus also counts producer among her credits. She has served as a producer on Miley's films, per Wide Open Country, including Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour, LOL, So Undercover and The Last Song. She also appeared on the Bravo show Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer with her daughter Brandi.