Here Are The Secrets You Need To Know About Publix Coupons

Imagine you're in the checkout line at the grocery store with a cartful of goods, and you approach the cashier with a collection of carefully organized, money-saving coupons. With each "Beep! Beep! Beep!" of the scanner, your savings rack up and the amount you owe swiftly dwindles right before your eyes. That thrill is real, friends. Whether you're the type to research sale flyers and scour the earth for coupons to clip, or just someone who just loves to score a killer deal now and then, it's worth knowing how to maximize a store's coupon policy. And while Publix is arguably one of the most coupon-friendly grocery stores around, there are some secrets you need to know before you can officially don your Coupon Queen sash and crown. Here are the secrets on how to save big with Publix coupons.

Use manufacturer and competitor coupons at Publix

There are a few different types of coupons available to the saving-savvy shopper. Two that will go far at Publix are manufacturer and competitor coupons. A manufacturer coupon is released by the company that produces the product featured on the coupon, per The Balance Everyday. Do not leave home without them when you head to Publix because some locations will double the value of the coupon up to 50 cents, according to BuzzFeed. We don't need a degree in economics to recognize that deal. Free money? We're in. Krazy Coupon Lady adds that Publix will allow two manufacturer coupons to be used on their BOGO deals, too, since you're technically getting two items.

Publix will also accept competitor coupons, which Frugal Coupon Living explains as any coupon provided by another store that your local store has defined as a competitor. According to Publix's website, a list of each nearby competitor is posted at every Publix location. Krazy Coupon Lady says they will even accept competitor coupons for pharmacy prescriptions, so check around for those, too. Buzzfeed adds that if you have a competitor coupon from a store not on the list, you can speak to your Publix district manager and request that your coupon be honored. That is even more worthwhile, because this next secret tells you how to combine competitor or manufacturer coupons with another option to double your savings.

Publix will let you combine coupons and will forgive forgetfulness

Aside from manufacturer and competitor coupons, Publix also produces their own store coupons. According to BuzzFeed, the free Publix app is a good source for digital coupons and you can find them on Publix's website as well. Store coupons provide a third option for savings, and the leeway the chain offers on combining coupons can save you even more cash. Publix allows customers to stack coupons, meaning you can combine a store coupon or competitor coupon plus one manufacturer coupon to save on a single item. This is like exponential couponing, and we're literally seeing dollar signs everywhere right now.

If you're so preoccupied by all the potential savings that you forget to bring or use a coupon, BuzzFeed says some stores will refund you on your next visit as long as you have your receipt. This decision is up to the store's manager, but it never hurts to ask. Now that you know the secrets about Publix coupons, it's time to think about what you'll do with all those savings. No judgement here if you use yours to buy more Pub Subs.