This Is How Demi Rose Mawby Stays In Such Great Shape

Demi Rose Mawby's toned physique and bombshell curves have made her one of the most famous models in the world, but there was a time she never imagined she'd get to this point. "At 5'2 I never thought I would be able to break into modeling as I thought I was too short but I gave it a shot, applied to an agency and after 24 hours my modeling career began," wrote the British beauty on her website.

Mawby has overcome a lot to get where she is today. The model had an eating disorder when she was younger, and at one point was dangerously underweight."'I had a curvy figure at 16 and wanted to lose a load of weight so I went through a period of getting so skinny and putting myself on a strict diet," she told the Daily Mail. "I was so unhappy and hated my body."

Demi Rose Mawby works out regularly and follows a healthy diet

Mawby now follows a much healthier lifestyle. "One day I woke up and realized I had to get better for myself," she said. "I started going to the gym, eating normally, and now I'm so confident with my body."

Mawby's figure is the result of healthy eating and exercise. "I have an amazing personal trainer, Dean DeLandro; he always creates the best training programs for me to reach my goals," she told Women Fitness in 2017. "I train with Dean four times or more a week for one hour each time. We usually work on my glutes, abs and conditioning my body sessions with some cardio."

Mawby also follows a nutritious diet. "I don't really have much carbs, basically nuts, nuts, nuts," she told The Sun. "For breakfast it's usually eggs, lunch it has to be something light like a chicken or prawn salad with a superfood. For dinner I like protein, like fish with vegetables or sushi. Then more nuts. My guilty pleasure is chocolate nuts or salted nuts!"