The Strangest Thing Brandi Passante Ever Found In A Storage Wars Locker

Brandi Passante was the straight-talking fan favorite on reality show Storage Wars for eight years. In 2010, the proud Texan rocked up with then-partner Jarrod Schulz and turned the A&E show, which features a group of eccentric people battling over the mysterious contents of abandoned storage lockers, from a beloved oddity to a nationwide sensation. Throughout her tenure, Passante delighted viewers with her hilarious eye-rolling, usually in response to the outlandish behavior of other participants, and her savvy, considered approach to bidding.

In particular, Passante's constant bickering with Schulz, which was rooted in their obvious love for each other, endeared the no-nonsense business owners to fans watching at home, while also keeping them consistently entertained. The Storage Wars alum was never chasing fame per se, however, and in the years since she stepped away from the hit show Passante has been enjoying her privacy accordingly. Still, the memories of her time spent bidding on lockers stuffed with either gold or trash will always loom large.

Brandi Passante dealt with death in one Storage Wars locker

The key element that makes Storage Wars so eminently watchable is wondering what, exactly, is contained in the lockers everybody is so hopefully bidding on. There are plenty of surprising items that have been found throughout the show's lengthy run, from materials to conduct a voodoo ritual to engraved hard hats. During a joint appearance on The Mystery Men Show back in 2017, Passante and Schulz were asked about their own weirdest finds, and their answers were suitably shocking.

The couple opened up one particular locker and discovered five locked wooden boxes, containing powder in Ziploc bags, according to Passante. "I'm thinking cocaine off the bat," admitted Schulz, but his then-partner had another idea. "I realized that there was a dog tag on one of the boxes. I was like, 'Oh my god, they're dogs! They're dead dogs. They're ashes from their dogs,'" Passanted exclaimed. Although the former reality star admitted she was kind of disgusted at first, Passante's conscience quickly took over and, "We sent them up front so [the owners of the locker's contents] could come and pick up their dogs."