What Happened To Cynthia Wells From My 600-Lb Life?

Cynthia Wells was one of the most controversial stars on My 600-lb Life. As a single mother juggling five children, the stresses of everyday life were getting to her. Wells' weight topped out at 610 pounds, leaving her not just without motivation but virtually incapable of keeping up with her kids' needs. Adding insult to injury, she felt completely alone and even doing menial tasks exhausted her. However, Wells earned her reputation for being stubborn and in denial by refusing to follow Dr. Nowzaradan's infamously strict diet and exercise program, even describing it as "bulls**t" before returning to her home in Oklahoma.

Although her weight loss stalled as a result of Wells' unwillingness to accept responsibility for herself and help from others, a follow-up episode in 2018 found her in a much better place both mentally and physically (via Distractify). The busy mother of five also managed to drop down to 360 pounds, proving she had the necessary tools to achieve her goals, if only she could get out of her own way.

Cynthia Wells is committed to getting healthier for her kids

Luckily, Wells has continued to work towards her weight loss goals since her first appearance on the show. Heavy reports she was inspired to get her life on track so she could be around to watch her kids grow up. And these days she's happy to be more actively involved in their lives, since going to their dance recitals and more isn't as much of a hardship anymore given Wells has much more energy to participate.

Wells' ultimate goal is to lose a sufficient amount of weight so she can qualify for skin removal surgery. Her kids are insisting she loses more weight, too, so she can continue to get healthier and be around for them. According to Distractify, Wells has been keeping fans up-to-date on Facebook in relation to her progress though she tends to stay away from posting full body shots. She's still in Oklahoma City, too.

The long road ahead doesn't scare Cynthia Wells

TV Shows Ace notes she recently posted on social media that her bed had given way when she and all the kids were in it together. "So today was crazy. the kids and I are all in my bed chilling laughing and having fun when out of nowhere the whole bed collapsed. I almost peed my pants from laughing," she revealed. 

However, according to Starcasm, it hasn't been an easy road for Wells since she finished up with Dr. Nowzaradan. In 2019, the My 600-lb Life star admitted to followers that she'd been beating herself up for not making enough progress compared to other people. "I have lost all motivation and I'm struggling to find it," she wrote at the time. Thankfully, she appears to be back on the right track in 2020, with several recent photos showing Wells looking much fitter, healthier, and happier. In fact, her featured photo is Wells with her son smiling broadly (via Facebook).