Nail Art Trends You'll Be Asking For This Fall

Sweater weather is right around the corner. That means trading your tank tops for turtlenecks and flip flops for fuzzy socks. Don't forget to switch up your manicure, as well. The pretty pinks and vibrant neons that ruled summer are making way for the warm bold tones of fall, and according to Essie's fall line, this season is all about earthy shades with a bold jungle-themed twist.

Shades of dark green will be this fall's "it" color, as well as icy metallics and metallic browns, and the nail art will be just as varied as the color trends. Lauren Dunne, co-founder and CEO of Varnish Lane, told Who What Wear that dark green nails were "a shade that people weren't comfortable wearing for a long time, and they're just now realizing that it's an extremely universally flattering shade that gets tons of compliments." Multi-colored matte nails and modern takes on the classic French manicure featuring these fall shades are taking over Instagram feeds (via Glamour). And according to Harper's Bazaar, fall 2020 is all about DIY nail art. So, whether you prefer short and tidy nails or high maintenance stilettos, you'll be able to pull off these high fashion fall nail looks just like the pros.

Skittles nails in matte or gloss

If you're a newbie with nail art, this is the trend for you. Just pick your favorite fall shades and paint each nail in a different color! You can choose an entire collection, like Betina Goldstein did here with the Essie Expressie fall collection. Or take it one step further and pop on a matte top coat for an even chicer fall look. For a more evening-inspired look, try the same Skittles manicure, but choose shades of grey, black and white, like this look using colors from the brand Olive & June (via Glamour).

Plaid nails

Plaid is the quintessential fall print, and it never goes out of style. Glamour recommends matching your favorite flannel shirt to your manicure for the ultimate homage to '90s grunge. Most importantly, don't be intimidated by the intricacy of the pattern. Start by choosing just one finger to feature your plaid stripes and use a contrasting color as a base so it really pops. If drawing straight lines with a polish brush is too difficult, get creative and use decorative tape to mimic a professional nail artist, like this tartan manicure by @ajackdannie, which features the negative space trend and 3M tape (via Harper's Bazaar).

Modern French

Last year, the classic French manicure made its comeback, and this year it's taken on a refreshing modern twist. Say bye-bye to the classic white tip and embrace colors. The more the better — especially green. To complete the look, simply choose one, two, or three tip stripes in varying fall shades on a nude or clear nail bed (via In Style). ZOYA's celebrity manicurist, Sunshine Outing, told Seventeen, "Length no longer matters and the French tip can be any color you choose."

Metallic nails

According to Olive & June founder and CEO Sarah Gibson Tuttle, metallics in shades varying from ice to emerald will be everywhere this fall, and the art is as varied as the colors (via Seventeen). In a follow up interview with Who What Wear, Tuttle went on to explain, "We're taking cues from our favorite jewelry brands and incorporating subtle swipes of metallics into our manis." If you prefer a bolder statement, do a full metallic manicure like the one shown above by @harrietwestmoreland, or choose a finger or two to rock your favorite shimmery shade (via Seventeen and Glamour).

Polka dot accents

This simple style is perfect for minimalist lovers and makes for a great everyday nail look (via In Style). Bonus, it's super simple to do! Choose to add a few dotted accents on one or two nails, or add them to every nail if you're feeling flirty. If the style feels a little too cute for an evening out, switch it up with polka dots in varying shades of metallics like gold or silver for a more glam look like @amyle.nails above (via In Style).