Before Shopping At ASOS Again, Here's Everything You Need To Know

Before you shop at ASOS again, what's everything you need to know? ASOS (which is an acronym for As Seen On Screen) was created with fashionable shoppers in their twenties in mind, according to the company website. Founded in 2000, ASOS now boasts 23 million active customers and over 22 million social media followers. The company has over 4,000 employees, and around 5,000 new styles are introduced to customers via the ASOS website every week.

The brand's goal is to help customers "look, feel and be their best," which is evident in their diverse range of clothing. ASOS boasts the capability of providing for all of your sartorial needs, whether you need an outfit for a night out, a dress to wear as a wedding guest, a bikini to make the most of warm weather, or some comfy jeans and hoodies for those days when baggy clothes are essential. 

With such a wide selection of clothing, however, it's sometimes easy to feel overwhelmed while choosing the perfect items at ASOS. Recognizing this, we've put together this list of everything you need to know before shopping at ASOS again.

ASOS mostly stocks new, on-trend styles

Have you ever saved an item you love on the ASOS website, forgotten about it, and then come back to it a few months later to find the item is no longer stocked? If so, here's what you need to know before shopping at ASOS again. According to Edited, stocking trending items is of utmost importance to ASOS, and around 41 percent of its stock is less than three months old. The site introduces over 2,500 new items every week, and also removes items of clothing that are no longer trending. 

Additionally, ASOS is known to strategically introduce full ranges of clothing in one go in order to create a "trend story," instead of gradually drip-feeding the items to the website like other brands do. This approach has established ASOS as "an authority on trend within consumers' minds," as noted by Edited.

Knowing this, it's probably best to get your hands on that item of clothing you've being eyeing for a while right away, before it's taken offline to make room for the launch of newer pieces.

The in-house labels at ASOS don't always match with regular US sizes

It's happened to the best of us: you make a bulk ASOS order, then wait for days to receive your new goodies. When the iconic black and white delivery package arrives, you eagerly rush to tear it open — only to find out that most of the items are too big for you. According to Elle, you're not alone: it's often the case that ASOS branded garments are little bit larger than most standard US sizing, which can sometimes leave US shoppers in a bit of a pickle. 

There is, however, an easy fix to this problem, which you should know before shopping at ASOS again. ASOS always features a photo of a model wearing the garment in each of its product listings, along with the model's measurements and the ASOS size. Using this information, as well as the brand's sizing measurement guide, you will be able to better estimate your true ASOS size. As a rule of thumb, you should aim to order one size below your usual US clothing size when buying from ASOS's in-house fashion labels. Confused? Here's the average woman's clothing size, explained.

ASOS is dedicated to sustainability

If you care about the sustainability of the brands you purchase clothes from, here's what you need to know before shopping at ASOS again. According to their website, the brand is serious about social and environmental sustainability, and it takes great care to ensure ASOS-branded products are made with sustainability in mind. 

Additionally, ASOS is also a signatory of the Global Fashion Agenda's 2017 plan to work towards a "circular fashion economy." Thus, ASOS has committed to sustainable design, packaging, and garment recycling; they also aim to educate customers on ow to be sustainable consumers. 

In 2018, ASOS launched a program that trained their design team in circular fashion best practices, in collaboration with the London College of Fashion's Centre for Sustainable Design. Every single ASOS design team member has now completed this program, so you can rest assured that the ASOS-branded design you're sporting is as environmentally ethical as it gets. Best of all, ASOS now has a "Responsible Edit" section on their website, where customers can find the most beneficial products they carry.

Filtering by size and budget at ASOS will help you find exactly what you want

Falling in love with a gorgeous piece of clothing at ASOS, only to find out that it's either way too expensive or not available in your size, can be nothing short of heartbreaking — especially if you're in urgent need of a new outfit. 

Fortunately, Glamour has revealed a tip for making sure you only browse through clothing available in your size, which you need to know before shopping at ASOS again: utilize the filter options available on the ASOS website. By selecting your ASOS size, or a few sizes that may work for your measurements, you can rest assured that every single item of clothing displayed will be available in your size. No more longing for the leggings that would be way to long for you anyway!

You can also use the filter option to select a price range that suits your budget when you're shopping at ASOS, so that you are only shown outfits that won't break the bank. Talk about a virtual feature that could seriously change online clothes shopping!

Follow ASOS on social media pages and hashtags to stay in the loop

There's a reason why ASOS has a huge social media following: their styling is on point, and their Instagram page is what Elle refers to as "basically a shoppable mood board." So, what you need to know before shopping at ASOS again is that following their socials is a great way to stay on top of the latest ASOS releases. It can also teach you how to save a pretty penny by styling your existing ASOS clothing.

If you head to the ASOS Instagram page, you'll notice that many of their photos feature outfits that have a product tag, which then leads to directly to the product's landing page on the ASOS website. This makes it so much easier to purchase clothing items that you're drawn to via their feed. Each of these posts also tag the account of the ASOS Insiders who modeled the clothing; following these profiles will help you learn how best to style ASOS clothing.

ASOS also has a separate hashtag for customers: #ASSEENONME. Following this will show you examples of how real-life customers just like you are curating their ASOS outfits.

ASOS core items are replenished regularly

Did you know ASOS has core items that stay on sale for longer than trending items, and that are replenished regularly as well? According to Edited, around eight percent of ASOS items were first added to the online store over one year ago, in comparison to only three percent at Forever 21, and five percent of Topshop clothing.

What you need to know about shopping at ASOS again is that these well-known and well-loved core items include Tommy Hilfiger shirts (for men), and shoes by Nike, Converse, and Birkenstocks. Core items also include some basic ASOS jeans, maternity clothing, women's underwear, basic ASOS-branded tops, and lace dresses. Since these pieces are often wardrobe essentials, it's super convenient that they can be purchased time and time again, as sizes are restocked regularly. 

Perhaps it's time to start considering ASOS your go-to website for wardrobe staples and favorite separates, as well as a destination for on-trend fashion items. 

Watch the video for each ASOS item to understand how the piece sits when worn

One potential downside of shopping online is not knowing how the item of clothing you're lusting after sits when worn. Do the straps fit securely? How low is the back really cut? Where exactly do those presumably strategic rips really end up when you put the jeans on? 

While these questions would be easily answered by heading to a physical store to try an outfit on, these mysteries are a little harder to solve when shopping online. Thankfully, Glamour magazine has shared a hack that will enable you to purchase goodies online with confidence, which you need to know before shopping at ASOS again: pay attention to the video on each product page, which features a model walking and turning around while wearing the item of clothing in question. Studying the outfit from each angle provided in the video will help you better understand how the outfit sits once it's on your body. 

As a bonus, the video may leave you with some styling inspiration too!

The best bargains are found in this little-known section of the ASOS website

If bargain hunting is your favorite kind of shopping, this is what you need to know before shopping at ASOS again. While the brand offers regular discounts and promotions that are advertised via email and social media, Edited reports that ASOS has actually dedicated an entire section of their website to discounted clothing. It's called ASOS Outlet, and it's nothing short of glorious. Designed to look like a standalone website, ASOS Outlet features discounted items that are off-season or otherwise on sale. 

But don't let seasonality fool you — you'll find clothing from reputable brands at ASOS Outlet, including Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld, Lacoste, and Calvin Klein, all at very affordable prices. You'll also find brands that sell garments at a lower price point, including Cotton On, Missguided, and Brave Soul, as well as ASOS-branded outfits. 

As far as prices go, items range from $5 to over $300. That being said, many items are discounted significantly, so you know you're getting your money's worth when you shop at ASOS Outlet. That sounds better than shopping at a thrift store, that's for sure!

ASOS has a hidden Sale section during busy shopping periods

In addition to ASOS Outlet, ASOS also has regular sales that feature products they've chosen to discount, as opposed to end-of-line products that must be discounted to sell out. However, while this "Sale" tab is featured on the ASOS home page during seasonal markdown periods such as Christmas, the tab is removed during other times of the year. That means that these discounted items are a little harder to find, depending on when you're shopping.

Thankfully, Save The Student has discovered a hack for locating discount ASOS products, which you need to know before you go shopping at ASOS again. The thrifty website revealed that the landing page for the oft-disappearing "Sale" tab can be found, quite simply, by typing "ASOS sale" into your Google search bar. If you locate a page on which the acronym "RRP" doesn't appear in the crossed-out prices, you know you've found the correct page. 

The discounts on ASOS Sale are often on par with the savings offered on ASOS Outlet, so it's worth checking both sections out when bargain-hunting.

The men's section at ASOS is a great place to hunt for comfy clothing

Female readers, we have a question for you. Do you sometime put on a figure-hugging, firecracker of an outfit, and just wish your clothes were looser, warmer, and comfier? Perhaps more like the clothes your boyfriends/husbands/male friends own? And why is women's clothing so thin compared to men's, anyway?

Before you go shopping at ASOS again, you should know that Glamour has a hot tip for those in search of comfy clothes: shop the men's section. "If you're up for the task, there are a heap of hidden gems tucked deep into the ASOS men's section that'll make it look like you raided your boyfriend's closet, whether he's real or imaginary," the magazine suggests. 

You may not have thought to do this already, as the men's and women's sections of ASOS are on entirely different tabs. But since you don't want to miss out on baggy hoodies, tailored jackets, and effortlessly cool jeans, it's worth exploring. Best of all, you won't have to stress about turning up to brunch wearing the same outfit as your friend (or frenemy) ever again.

If you shop on ASOS regularly, this is how you can save on delivery

Seasoned ASOS enthusiasts know that delivery fees can add up if you shop online regularly. ASOS charges $10 per order for express shipping, which can end up costing you $120 per year — if you limit yourself to just one order per month (good luck with that). And if you go on multiple shopping sprees every month, you'll likely pay more than a few hundred dollars per year in shipping costs alone.

Fortunately, ASOS now offers a Premier Delivery option, which you need to know about before you go shopping at ASOS again. Premier Delivery offers a one year subscription for unlimited free express delivery (within the US) for the very reasonable price of $19. The only caveat is that the subscription only applies to order over $15 total, which won't be much of an issue for most ASOS shoppers. 

Bear in mind that there are some restrictions to the subscription, which include certain zip codes, and cut-off times are also subject to change. But seeing as the subscription cost can be earned back with two express orders, it's definitely worth investigating.

ASOS multipacks provide great value for basics and essentials

Spending money on essential wardrobe stables like underwear and white tees might sometimes feel like sad way to spend your clothing budget, especially considering they need to be replaced fairly often. Fortunately for ASOS fans, Save The Student has revealed a great money-saving hack for purchasing high-quality essential items, which you need to know before you shop at ASOS again: multipacks.

Indeed, ASOS offers a great selection of multipacks, featuring items such as crop tops, leggings, camis, cotton t-shirts, underwear, socks, masks, track pants, hair accessories, and jewelry. Though many multipacks will be ASOS-branded, you'll also find goodies from higher-end brands like Adidas, Calvin Klein, Levi's, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Topshop at great prices. 

This ASOS hack is a great way to save money on essentials, and with the difference, you can buy the cute seasonal outfits you've been eyeing.

Check out ASOS Edition for your fix of glamorous outfits

Have you ever fallen in love with a gorgeous outfit that sadly came with an outrageous price tag? Or did you end up with buyer's remorse after spending too much money on an uber-glam dress? Thankfully, Elle has shared the antidote to such disappointment with its readers, which you need to know before you go shopping at ASOS again. It's called ASOS Edition, and glamour at the core of its identity.

The clothing you'll find at ASOS Edition is designed with "memorable moments in mind." It features beautiful dresses, gorgeous jumpsuits, and fun playsuits, as well as tops, bottoms, and co-ords. All of these spectacular outfits feature glitter, sequins, florals, and embellishments that can make you look like a million dollars. Luckily, the outfits costs much less; though the most expensive piece does cost around $800, you'll be able to snatch up bargains for as low as $30.

Students are eligible for a 15 percent discount at ASOS

Attention college students! This one's for you. Maintaining a stylish wardrobe on a strict student budget isn't the easiest of tasks, as college is so expensive. Thankfully, ASOS has recognized this, which is why they give students a special discount, which you need to know before you shop at ASOS again. To be eligible, all you need to do is fill out the student discount form available on their website, and provide some details including your student email address and the year you're due to graduate. 

Additionally, you'll also find a check box that signs you up to the ASOS student newsletter, which is a great way of staying up-to-date with the latest offers and deals. Once your application has been approved, you'll be eligible for the discount throughout the year, every single time you shop, right until your graduation day. 

Finally, you'll be emailed a unique promo code if you're found to be eligible, which you can then use every time you shop at ASOS. It's important to note that this discount can only be used for full-priced products — sale stock is unfortunately excluded from this program.