The Truth About Trisha Yearwood's Public Proposal

Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks have been together forever. The iconic country couple met all the way back in the '80s, however they didn't link up romantically until many years later, eventually making their public debut as a couple in 2002 after seeing each other in private for a time first, as Biography notes. This is in spite of the fact both parties admitted to knowing each other was the one upon their very first meeting.

Brooks told The Ellen Show in 2013, "I felt that feeling like you just met your wife," while, just a few years later, Yearwood told Parade, "The minute [she] met him" it was clear Brooks was the one for her. Although it took them a little while to find their way back to each other, particularly since both were previously married, once they made it official, nothing could stop them. Brooks made sure everyone knew how serious he was about Yearwood with a stunning, incredibly romantic public proposal guaranteed to be one for the books.

Garth Brooks asked Trisha Yearwood to marry him in front of thousands of onlookers

Garth Brooks got down one knee in front of 7,000 people at Buck Owens' Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, California, on May 25, 2005. He and Trisha Yearwood were attending an event revealing a selection of bronze statues, one of which was done in Brooks' likeness. The country icon secretly ensured his statue included a wedding ring, which he cheekily pointed out to Yearwood who, upon realizing what was about to happen, quipped, "You're not going (to do this) in front of these people?" according to People.

Brooks then removed his hat and asked the big question. Yearwood naturally said yes, gushing afterwards, "All I can say is that I am so happy. What I'm feeling right now I would wish on anyone." According to the talent coordinator for the venue, she was completely "stunned." Brooks, meanwhile, described the day as "one of the greatest in my life" in an interview with Country Rebel. Later, during an appearance on Live with Kelly, Yearwood joked that as a result of the proposal, "Bakersfield is the most romantic city in the country for me."