Brooke Shields' Daughter Has Grown Up To Be Her Twin

Brooke Shields' daughter has grown up to be her twin. With her cover girl good looks, rockin' bikini bod, and ambitious personality (via Net-A-Porter), the child star-turned-supermodel remains humble, despite being one of Hollywood's most famous cover models. In her decades-long career, Shields has starred in dozens of movies and hit shows, such as Jane the Virgin and Army Wives, among many others. Brooke Shields has undergone quite the stunning transformation since her early days in Hollywood. 

While Shields is a star in her own right, she sometimes shares the spotlight with her longtime husband, writer-director Chris Henchy, as noted by People. Though the pair is famous, they've managed to keep their family life in New York relatively private, shielding their two daughters – Rowan Francis Henchy and Grier Hammond Henchy — from constant scrutiny. 

But when we do get a glimpse of Grier, who is Shields' youngest daughter, it's difficult not to notice the remarkable resemblance between the pair. Though Grier has flaming red hair, everything else about her, including her desire to become a model like Shields, shows that she's grown up to be her mom's twin.

Brooke Shields had her youngest daughter later in life

Brooke Shields hasn't had the easiest road to motherhood. She gave birth to her first child in 2003, after suffering a miscarriage and undergoing several unsuccessful rounds of IVF. Shields opened up about the difficulties she faced following the birth of Rowan Francis Henchy during a Hope for Depression Research Foundation event in 2009 (via People). "I finally had a healthy beautiful baby girl and I couldn't look at her," she confessed, adding that she was diagnosed with postpartum depression soon after. If you can relate, here are ten symptoms of postpartum depression you shouldn't ignore.

Three years later, Shields gave birth to daughter Grier Hammond Henchy at the age of 40, as noted by People. She told the magazine her second pregnancy was much easier than the first — but not everyone in the family was impressed. Shields' oldest daughter, Rowan, who was three at the time, wasn't thrilled (at least at first) with the prospect of having a sister. "But she's been helping me decorate the room," Shields explained. "It's been sweet. I'm glad she'll have a sibling."

Brooke Shields' daughter is growing up in the spotlight too

Brooke Shields' daughter Grier Hammond Henchy isn't an actress or model (yet), but as the daughter of a famous Hollywood star, she's growing up in the spotlight just like her mom did. We've seen Henchy at all stages of her young life — from the time she was a toddler accompanying her mom to a photo shoot circa 2009, to her turn as a teen fashionista on the red carpet with her family in 2020 (via People).

Despite Henchy's semi-public upbringing, Shields isn't subjecting either of her daughters to the same crazy childhood she had, according to an interview she gave to Good HousekeepingIn the piece, Shields opened up about her past relationship with her mom, Teri Shields, who made all the decisions early on in Shields' life — even starting her modeling career at only 11 months old. She wrote about her manager mom in her 2014 memoir There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me

But Shields said that's not her mom style. She told the New York Post in 2017 that she "won't be the one pushing them" into the spotlight.

Brooke Shields' daughter lives a pretty low-key life in New York

Grier Hammond Henchy has spent a fair amount of time in the spotlight, but she still manages to live a pretty low-key life in New York, thanks to her mom and dad. "I think they need to really have as much of a conventional upbringing as you can in New York City, with kids their own age, and not be thrown into something with all the pressure," Brooke Shields told the New York Post in 2017.

Additionally, family time is a priority for Shields, who loves spending summers with her children at their beach house in The Hamptons, according to Net-A-Porter. But besides enjoying summers by the ocean, Henchy is just like any other kid, spending loads of time after school doing homework. Vogue cameras captured one of the many moments that Shields, a Princeton alum (per InStyle), helps her daughter with math homework, only this time the supermodel mom was preparing for the Met Gala. 

Oh, and from the looks of the family's gorgeous Manhattan townhouse, which was shown in the video? Henchy is still living pretty grand, as it's quite a stunning residence.

Brooke Shields' daughter is already creating buzz in the modeling world

As Grier Hammond Henchy gets older, she's looking more and more like her supermodel mom, Brooke Shields. In fact, the mother-daughter duo was spotted in 2018 at the Hamptons Classic Grand Prix, and according to E! News, Henchy has her mom's piercing light eyes, charismatic smile, model cheekbones, and tall stature. 

So it comes as no surprise that Henchy is already creating a buzz in the modeling world. In a 2020 interview on the Go Ask Ali podcast, Shields hinted at the fact one of her daughters has caught the eye of industry professionals. "There's an agency that wants her to start modeling and I kept saying, 'I need to understand the why,'" Shields explained, adding that the modeling industry has changed since she was working in it. 

Shields was also told that some modeling agencies don't sign models until they turn 16, and that 14 would be too young to start. So considering the age she mentioned, it seems like Henchy was the one garnering that attention.

Brooke Shields' daughter will probably attend college before modeling

Both of Brooke Shields' daughters have expressed an interest in the arts, according to their mother. "They take all these selfies and borrow all my clothes and make mini movies," Shields revealed to Net-A-Porter. How fun!

But while Grier Hammond Henchy may be considering a career in modeling, Shields told Social Life Magazine (via Page Six) that if that's something she's interested in, she has to attend college first. "It's a cutthroat and demoralizing business," she explained in the interview. "Plus, they want you when they want you, and you have to be there for auditions and work, and my kids aren't missing school."

Shields herself graduated from an ivy league school, Princeton University, an experience that grounded her, and ultimately saved her from the cruelty of Hollywood. "If I hadn't had the intellectual piece as my friend, I would have been more devoured by an industry that has no loyalty whatsoever," she continued. "You do think because you've been in the industry all of your life it will be loyal, but it's the antithesis of that." 

Brooke Shields' daughter is more mature than her mother was at her age

Though Brooke Shields was a famous actress by the age of 12 — thanks to a movie role that was too mature for the child actor — that doesn't mean she was confident or mature for her age. In fact, it was quite the opposite, as she tells it. In an interview with Net-A-Porter in 2018, she disclosed that both of her daughters are way more mature than she ever was at their ages. 

However, Shields does share some similarities with her daughters as well. "They have the same stubbornness and strength that I do, but are more well-adjusted," she confessed to the magazine. "I am jealous as all hell about that."

Of course, the fact that Shields' daughters are so mature has to do with how she raised them, versus how she was raised in the public eye by her manager mom; she shared with People in 2020 that it wasn't healthy. "I grew up with absolutely the most conflicting, paradoxical way of living," she lamented. "I just shut down." Luckily for Grier Hammond Henchy, Shields has her best interests at heart.

Brooke Shields' daughter is comfortable in her own skin

Just as Brooke Shields never felt truly confident growing up, she also didn't feel comfortable in her own skin. Rather, she struggled with body image, especially after being highly-sexualized in the film Pretty Baby. "I had a very strong disconnect to my body," she confessed to Yahoo! Life. "I was the face on the covers, I was...the face or whatever the thing was that people and the press and everybody focused on." 

However, because Shields wasn't as slender as the models who walked the runway — which she never did — she couldn't fit into the sample sizes. As a result, she didn't think that she had a "good body."

Now with her own daughters, Shields is teaching them something that took a while for her to learn: how to love their bodies. "I'm trying to present to them the image of a whole woman, which was very different from the way I grew up," she continued. In doing so, Shields hopes her daughters love their bodies, and never feel the shame she did. Given how confident Grier Hammond Henchy looks, it's safe to say she succeeded.

Brooke Shields' daughter made her mom feel more confident in herself

Brooke Shields' body-positive parenting is working so well that Grier Hammond Henchy is encouraging her mom to be more confident herself. In fact, Shields credits Henchy and her sister for inspiring her to post bikini photos on Instagram — which are quite popular. "My daughters are always like, 'Mom, you work so hard. Why don't you ever post?'" she shared in an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, adding that she sometimes feels weird posting sexy photos of herself to her more than one million followers. But isn't that what Instagram is for?

Because Shields' daughters are always encouraging her and telling her she looks great in a bathing suit, any weirdness she feels is trumped by the positivity. "They've given me such confidence to sort of be a little bit more of an exhibitionist," she continued. Shields added that in return, she hopes give Henchy and her sister "the encouragement to keep working on feeling their best."

Brooke Shields' daughter can't get away with anything on social media

In an effort to protect her youngest daughter from the outside world (and the negativity that can come from it, which she knows about firsthand), Brooke Shields doesn't give Grier Hammond Henchy complete freedom when it comes to social media — which wasn't around when she was a teenager. While Shields' image was controlled by her momager growing up, as Shields explained on the Go Ask Ali podcast, nowadays kids and teens have the ability to do that themselvesAs a result, Shields and her hubby have access to both their daughters' social media accounts, and "have the power to turn it off for any reason." 

Henchy didn't have a public social media account at the time of her mother's interview, as she was only 14 years old at the time. That's because Shields wants her to understand the power of social media before using it. "We have put the fear of God into them with regards to, 'Whatever you post doesn't go away. The words you choose have to be chosen very carefully,'" Shields continued. Fortunately, she says Henchy is starting to get it...a little bit. 

Even Brooke Shields' daughter had to work a summer job

Just like her mom, Brooke Shields, Grier Hammond Henchy learned the value of a dollar early on — except she's not modeling or starring in movies in order to do so. For the first time ever in 2020, Henchy and her sister had to work a summer job, though Shields didn't specify what kind it was — just that it was a real job. "They got a paycheck every week," she explained in an interview with Us Weekly. Welcome to the workforce, Grier!

Shields also taught her daughters how to manage the money they earned, in the hopes that it would teach them a lesson about value. "This was their hard-earned money," she continued. "And they realized how hard it was to get that check, that piece of paper." 

Shields added that working at a real job also gave Henchy and her sister an appreciation for the work she and her hubby do as well. "They have a larger understanding of what it means to work and provide," she said.

Brooke Shields' daughter is already as tall as her supermodel mom

If Grier Hammond Henchy decides to pursue a modeling career, she has genetics to thank for it. Her mom, Brooke Shields, is reportedly 6'0", according to Insider, and Henchy isn't too far behind. In fact, she might even be the taller of the two, from the looks of some red carpet photos (via People). While Shields wore booties with a small heel at the red carpet event, Henchy was wearing sneakers, and still appeared taller than her supermodel mom.

Whether or not Henchy will follow in her mom's footsteps as an actress and model is still to be determined. But it's safe to say that Henchy has an incredible role model to look up to if that's the career she chooses. Her mom's longevity in Hollywood is impressive, to say the least. 

But no matter what direction Henchy decides to go in, Shields will to make sure she's serious about it "No matter who your parents are, you either have it or you don't, and you have to commit — it can't be a hobby," she told Net-A-Porter.

Brooke Shields and her daughter have a super tight bond

While Brooke Shields works hard to protect her youngest daughter's privacy, we can tell from paparazzi and red carpet shots that she and Grier Hammond Henchy appear to be inseparable. From social mixers in The Hamptons to movie premiers in Hollywood, this mother-daughter duo are always close, often with their arms around each other. We're absolutely here for it, too!

In addition to public appearances, you can see Shields being super chummy with Henchy on her Instagram page, never missing a chance to share her love for her daughter. But it's not all roses and butterflies behind the scenes, according to Shields, who told Andy Cohen that it's tough raising teens. "They don't want anything to do with their mother," she revealed in an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, adding semi-jokingly, "Life's hard." Don't worry, Brooke — you're definitely not alone on that front!

Brooke Shields' daughter is totally her mini-me

After learning everything there is to know about Brooke Shield's relationship with Grier Hammond Henchy, we see the striking resemblance between the two now more than ever. With her tall stature, bushy brows, voluminous hair, and model cheekbones, Grier Hammond really could be Shields' twin! The only physical feature that really separates the two women is Grier's red hair and fair skin, which she may have inherited from her father. Speaking of gingers and genes, there are myths about redheads you always thought were true.

Shields and her youngest daughter are not just alike physically, but personality-wise as well. They're both strong-willed and confident, the latter thanks to Shields' efforts to protect her daughter from public scrutiny and criticism (per People). Plus, as we've learned, there's a good chance that Henchy may one day become a model herself, following in her iconic mother's famous footsteps. Could there be anymore proof that Henchy and Shields are practically twins?