Ashley Tisdale's Latest Instagram Post Is Causing Quite A Stir

When High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale posted an Instagram photo with her husband, Christopher French, she made waves with fans and her celebrity pals. The actress wore a long white boho gown which showed an undeniable baby bump. Tisdale stood forehead-to-forehead with her hubby, who wore a matching white shirt and sneakers. Tisdale didn't caption the photo, but her famous friends were quick to comment. Tisdale's High School Musical co-star, Vanessa Hudgens, wrote, "Just the freaking cutest." Tisdale's long-time friend Haylie Duff commented, "Been waiting for this!!! can't wait! Best mama & papa combo!If Tisdale needs any parental advice, she can definitely turn to the Duff-ster. In 2018, the two stars were seen hanging out at a farmer's market with Duff's daughter, Ryan (via Daily Mail). 

Tisdale's not the only person pumped to share the news on social media. French, who's a composer, also shared Instagram photos, including a story stating, "We are so moved and filled with joy by the amazing and beautiful outpouring of Love from all over the world for this little one."

Ashley Tisdale and her husband just celebrated their wedding anniversary

Ashley Tisdale and her husband have plenty to celebrate these days. The couple just celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary on September 8 (via E!). The two first started dating in 2012, and after a less than a year together, French proposed at the top of the Empire State Building (via Elle). They were married in Santa Barbara in 2014, with Tisdale's BFF Vanessa Hudgens stepping in as a bridesmaid. Both Tisdale and French were confident from the start that their love was meant to last. "I think from the moment that him and I met, I just knew it. I was like, 'Okay, this is the guy,' and he knew the same thing," Tisdale told Ryan Seacrest in 2013.

Tisdale and French love to have fun together. In December 2019, Tisdale revealed that she was making her husband watch High School Musical 2 for the first time (via E!). She jokingly asked him whether he would have dated her when she was playing Sharpay — a question he only answered with a laugh. Their baby is sure to grow up surrounded by laughter and music.