Tracee Ellis Ross Stuns Fans At The Emmys With Her Bold Look

Just because there was no red carpet — and no live audience — for the 2020 Emmys, that doesn't mean that the stars didn't shine as brightly as ever. One star in particular, Tracee Ellis Ross, was so excited for the big event that she began the day by tweeting a glam video of her in bed with the caption "Good morning #emmys." According to Footwear News, her OTT nightwear was actually that pink and puffy Valentino number she wore to last year's Emmys.

Fans didn't have too much longer to wait to see what her 2020 look would be. Shortly before the Emmy ceremony began, Ross tweeted out her own backyard red carpet photos showing herself clad in a radiant gold dress designed by Alexandre Vauthier, the outfit complete with Jimmy Choo shoes, vintage Tiffany's jewelry, and a matching gold face mask whose source she did not disclose. As Ross remarked, "How fun to get dressed up! Can't say I miss the frenetic energy of the red carpet or wearing heels but boy do I miss a pretty dress!"

Ross looks amazing no matter what she's doing

Ross' backyard glamour was certainly not wasted on her fans, as her photos immediately racked up nearly 5K likes and over 600 retweets. The Twitterati almost unanimously found her to be "gorgeous," "BEST DRESSED," "A Queen ...Fine wine," "stunning!" and "Simply beauty and perfection!" One comment posted before the awards results were announced, noted that she'd already won (the internet and her fan's hearts, at least): "Your very own red carpet!!! Good luck!! You're a winner either way!!"

Ross, who was nominated for her fourth Emmy for her role as Rainbow Johnson in the ABC sitcom black-ish, unfortunately did not bring home a statuette this time, either. She did, however, earn the title Queen of COVID testing. While some stars elected to stay home, Ross showed up in person at the Staples Center. Before she entered the building, she was subjected to a mandatory test administered before she even stepped out of her car. As the Daily Mail shows, this incredible actress pulled off that rarest of feats: she somehow managed to look elegant even while having her nose swabbed. Who needs a cheesy copper angel when you've got that kind of awesomeness?