What We Know About Terry Bradshaw's Daughters

Reality show "The Bradshaw Bunch" gives fans an insight into NFL legend Terry Bradshaw's post-football home life on his stunning 800-acre ranch alongside fourth wife, and love of his life, Tammy, and into the lives of his three daughters: Rachel, Erin, and Lacey. As Bradshaw deadpanned during the season premiere (via E! News), "I got three girls, which means I got three problems." Right off the bat, Bradshaw has to contend with convincing Lacey to move to Texas, helping Rachel get her real estate career off the ground, and dealing with the breast augmentation Erin got (but neglected to tell her father about).


Being outnumbered clearly suits the retired athlete, however. He relishes getting involved in, and solving, everyone else's problems, even if he's adamant the Bradshaws aren't the Kardashians. "The Bradshaw Bunch" will make all of Terry Bradshaw's daughters household names in their own right, so it's only fitting we get to know them.

Terry Bradshaw's daughter Rachel has been through a lot

As E! News noted, Rachel is the eldest Bradshaw daughter from Terry's marriage to Charla Hopkins. A singer with reality TV experience, having previously appeared on the short-lived show "Nashville," Rachel also has another NFL connection outside of her father. She was married to Tennessee Titans star Rob Bironas, with the couple tying the knot back in 2014. Sadly, he died just three months later in a car accident. The Tennessean shared the couple met at a breast cancer benefit in 2012.


Rachel admitted to the New York Post that she wasn't sure she wanted to discuss the tragedy on the show. However, she realized, "This is my life and everyone that's close to me knows my struggles with my journey the past six years, and so of course I'm going to talk about it." However, she said, "I wouldn't have done that though if it wasn't with my family and my dad there."

Erin Bradshaw is a champion equestrian

Erin Bradshaw is the youngest Bradshaw daughter, a competitive horse-riding enthusiast who's been married to Scott Weiss since 2017. Weiss owns Scott Weiss Horses, a company that produces foals and trains them to be championship horses, per The Cinemaholic. The couple shares a dog named Chuck and a horse named John Simon, a Reserve World Champion who frequently pops up on Erin's Instagram. 


She had plenty of great stuff to say about her famous father in an interview with E! News, explaining how, growing up, she never saw him as anybody but Dad. She completely understands why he's so beloved, though. "His personality is, you know, to the moon-and-back. I don't think you can be around a more vibrant, positive person with just such a big love for life," Erin gushed. However, she did reveal her father's greatest fear: the ocean.

Lacey Luttrull is Terry Bradshaw's beloved stepdaughter

Lacey Hester, previously known as Lacey Luttrull, fits right in with the rest of the blonde-haired Bradshaws, but she's actually Terry Bradshaw's stepdaughter. Tammy had Lacey with ex-husband David LuttrullHowever, she's 100 percent a part of the family, and has been since 1999, when her mother first hooked up with the NFL icon, per The Cinemaholic. Lacey married the love of her life, private chef Noah Fox Hester, in 2016. She has a daughter, Zuri, from a previous relationship, but there aren't a lot of details there. Meanwhile, she and Noah had their first child together, Jeb, in 2017.


Lacey sees her famous stepfather as a fountain of wisdom, telling E! News he's "extremely wise." As she noted, "That's why we all come to him for advice." Echoing her sisters' sentiments, however, she confirmed that at home "he's just Terry." 

Terry Bradshaw's daughter Rachel is looking for love

As fans of "The Bradshaw Bunch" will know, Season 1 found Rachel Bradshaw hurting after breaking up with boyfriend Dustin Hughes (although her father was relieved the couple had called it quits). As Distractify noted, Rachel was so infatuated with Dustin she began trying on wedding dresses before he'd even proposed to her, memorably arguing, "I know I'm jumping the gun a little, but Dustin and I are going to be together forever." Her Instagram page doesn't feature any new guys at the time of writing, but she may choose to keep things private now that the show is so popular.


An episode of "The Bradshaw Bunch" showcased how Rachel's sisters and father were trying to set her up, however. As E! News reported, while visiting a Marine Corps base, a young man expressed an interest in Rachel and Terry Bradshaw gave him his blessing to ask her out. It was then up to Terry Bradshaw's daughters Erin and Lacey to figure out the coolest way to respond to his eager text messages, with Rachel admitting, "I don't know how to flirt." Naturally, much hilarity and good-natured embarrassment ensued. 

Erin Bradshaw's husband is a real-life cowboy

Terry Bradshaw's daughter Erin Bradshaw is totally obsessed with horses, so it makes sense she married someone who shares that passion. Her husband, Scott Weiss, is actually also a champion equestrian in his own right, with Erin proudly celebrating his victories, writing after a show, "Congratulations to my handsome husband and ELICIOUS on their Reserve Championship in the Open Maturity Sweepstakes at the #APHAWorldShow! You and Eli looked fantastic! Love you!" Scott looked every inch the cowboy, which has naturally led to modeling work for menswear brand CINCH Jeans.


As The Cinemaholic noted, the happy couple is so dedicated to horses they got married at the Milestone Barn in Aubrey, Texas, with the lavish reception attended by plenty of big names from the equestrian industry. Erin also posed for lots of glamorous shots with their horse, John Simon, in her wedding dress on the day just to drive the theme home further. 

Rachel's ex didn't stand a chance with the Bradshaws

Even when poor Rachel Bradshaw seemed convinced Dustin Hughes was the one, her family expressed how unsure they were about him. As E! News advised, Lacey worried her sister was moving too fast, particularly after the death of her late husband. Meanwhile, Erin and Scott Weiss confided in Terry Bradshaw that Dustin seemed more interested in the NFL legend than he was in his daughter and didn't put in much effort with the rest of them. At a family barbecue, Dustin put everybody off with his weird attitude and refusal to help with anything.


Rachel's father reassured her that she hadn't wasted her time with Dustin, simply earning "heartfelt knowledge" through the failed relationship. But, once they were officially done, he let loose on her ex. E! News noted that, upon learning Dustin cheated on his daughter and got somebody else pregnant in the process, the retired athlete described him as, among other things, a "weasel," a "d**k", and a "piece of s**t." In the end, Terry used it as an example of how his gut can always be trusted, exclaiming, "There's a reason I didn't let this clown inside my circle!"

Music connects Terry Bradshaw to this daughter

Terry Bradshaw may be an NFL icon, but he finds regular ways to bond with all of his daughters, whether it's their mutual love of horses (Erin), sports (Lacey), or, in Rachel's case, music. In an interview with Distractify, Rachel revealed that her father, who enjoyed a headline-grabbing stint on "The Masked Singer," always encouraged her to sing as a child. The duo even collaborated on a Christmas song, much to Rachel's delight. In fact, right before "The Bradshaw Bunch" premiere, she was living in Nashville pursuing a career in music.


The budding musician was taking a break from her passion when the show came around, feeling burned out, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Rachel found herself newly invigorated. Trapped at home with nothing to do, Rachel realized, "My old outlet would be to go to my piano, so that's what I did. I just started writing a record and I was like, 'What am I doing right now?'" Her single "Wild Horse" dropped October 8, 2020, with an EP following in December. She listed her influences as The Lumineers, Coldplay, and Lana Del Rey.

Rachel released her first album in 2022

In 2022, Terry Bradshaw's daughter released her first EP, titled simply "Rachel Bradshaw." Even though it was her first album, it wasn't her first experience in the music industry. She had already performed songs for a few years, as documented in "The Bradshaw Bunch." The album featured six original songs along with one cover of a Townes Van Zandt song. As Rachel told E! News, she wrote the six songs while in quarantine with her family during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


"This record holds a very special place in my heart," Rachel said. "It's the first compilation of music I have written all by myself, so to release it into the world is me sharing a big piece of my heart and soul. I also included a duet with the legend himself and a longtime friend of mine, Jamey Johnson, on a song I have always dreamt of covering."

Rachel later spoke to American Songwriter about the EP, explaining that her goal hadn't been to write hit songs, but rather to express herself artistically. "I'm just doing this because I really enjoy it. It's my passion," she said. "I was very surprised to see the algorithm of people that were buying it. It's true music fans, which is really cool."


Terry Bradshaw encouraged daughter Rachel to perform again

Rachel Bradshaw has endured unthinkable tragedy in her life, so it's no wonder she wasn't as interested in getting on stage and entertaining other people anymore. During an episode of "The Bradshaw Bunch," however, her father, Terry Bradshaw, was introducing a NASCAR race and encouraged her to perform "God Bless America," in spite of the fact Rachel hadn't taken to the stage in over three years. "When Rachel lost her husband, she lost her passion for singing," Terry explained (via E! News).


The NFL legend worried that his talented kid might wake up at 60 and regret not following her passion. He agreed to give the starting command only if Rachel sang rather than him. Although she admitted in a confessional, "I just really haven't been able to sing again and be passionate about music" since losing her husband, Rachel ultimately rose to the occasion with Terry cheering her on. "When we don't believe in ourselves, Dad picks us back up and makes us believe in ourselves," Rachel enthused. Naturally, she killed it, reigniting her spark for performing in the process.

Terry Bradshaw has a fun bond with Lacey's daughter Zurie

Lacey's daughter Zurie is the true breakout star of "The Bradshaw Bunch." Memorably, Zurie told producers, "I don't know what the big deal about Poppy is. I mean, I'm a lot cuter," in response to her grandfather being asked to host a Monster Truck race. Rachel told Distractify in an interview that she isn't surprised audiences have fallen in love with the little girl, especially because her connection with Terry, or "Poppy," is so strong and evident.


"She's such a cute little girl, and she has such a fun bond with my dad," Rachel opined. Apparently, neither Zurie nor any of the other youngsters had any issue with the show's cameras either. As Rachel advised, though, "I'm not really surprised that the kids were super comfortable in front of the cameras. When you're a little kid, you don't really know how big of a deal that is." With regards to Zurie in particular, her aunt sees big things in her future, describing her as "a little show stealer."

Rachel Bradshaw dated a Bachelor fan fave

Tired of how slowly her sister was moving on from her ex, Erin Bradshaw took matters into her own hands, as a lively episode of "The Bradshaw Bunch" detailed in 2020 (via E! News). After shooting down father Terry Bradshaw's efforts once again, Erin enthused, "I have a guy for you!" The proposed bachelor was an actual Bachelor alum, having starred on the lady-led spinoff during Hannah Brown's season. "I know what my sister likes. So if it takes me hooking her up with a hottie from 'The Bachelorette,' I'm gonna do what I gotta do," Erin explained. 


Thankfully, Connor Saeli hit it off with Rachel Bradshaw almost immediately. In fact, she subsequently asked him to meet her family after just one date. E! News noted the eldest Bradshaw daughter was "smitten" with Saeli. She even told him, "I know it's early, but the last relationship was a nightmare. Like, nobody liked him, and I didn't know that until after." The "Bachelorette" alum wasn't fazed and even agreed to meet her potentially terrifying father and the rest of the Bradshaws, but, judging by his lack of appearance on Rachel's social media, the relationship may have since fizzled out.

Lacey Hester opened up about her mental health struggles

In November 2020, Lacey Hester got super real on Instagram in a bid to make her fans feel less alone. The mother of two admitted, "I was going to only post on my story but I don't want this post to disappear after 24 hours so I'm putting it here in hopes it will reach more people." She added, "I hope this helps someone out there to be more confident about seeking treatment to change their lives. And I hope this helps someone to be more open to talking to those around them who might need a shoulder to lean on." 


In a series of text photos, the "Bradshaw Bunch" star laid out how difficult of a time she'd had following the birth of her daughter, describing feelings of exhaustion, lethargy, and sadness. Hester revealed she turned away from everyone in her life as a result. Moving, changing jobs, and trying to numb the pain with new activities didn't help, and, after years of suffering, Hester realized something needed to change drastically. Thankfully, with her husband's support, she was able to seek help for her depression and find her way out of darkness. "If you suffer from a mental health disorder or disease know that you're NOT ALONE!" she wrote.

Rachel Bradshaw opened up about having scoliosis

In 2018, Rachel Bradshaw opened up about her experience with scoliosis, a condition where the spine is curved. "Cannot believe it's been three years since I've had my scoliosis surgery!" she wrote on Instagram


She went on to explain that the surgery had been recommended when she was 28 years old, as the condition was threatening to damage her body. Rachel underwent a spinal fusion surgery in which two titanium rods were inserted into her back. "Yes, it is not fun to go through security at the airport," Rachel wrote with a sense of humor.

In 2021, Bradshaw wrote about her experience with scoliosis again. In an Instagram post, she discussed her recovery journey after her surgery. "After my spinal fusion surgery to treat severe scoliosis, I couldn't touch my toes let alone maintain a routine fitness regimen," she wrote. She eventually discovered HOTWORX, a fitness studio that involves heated workouts in an infrared room. "It was the first thing that actually helped my back," she wrote. She later became a brand ambassador for the studio.


Rachel Bradshaw announced her engagement on Halloween 2022

In 2022, Rachel Bradshaw announced that she and her boyfriend, Chase Lybbert, were engaged with a series of images of the pair on Instagram. Her caption was exuberant and featured a ring emoji and a crying emoji. On February 21, 2023, Rachel posted another photo on Instagram of her with Lybbert, writing, "31 days 'til I marry my dream."


Rachel later opened up to E! News about the proposal. "Y'all are going to die. This isn't the most perfect, romantic story in the world. It's pretty funny, though," she said with a smile. "We've been dating a year and a half, and at the year mark ... I knew that we wanted to be together forever."

Apparently, Rachel's father, Terry Bradshaw, ended up spoiling the surprise. After Lybbert asked for permission to propose, Terry immediately told the whole family, including Rachel, about Lybbert's plan. "The whole room stopped. Everyone was sweating," Rachel recalled. "Tammy, I thought, was going to just run away. I wanted to die. And Dad was like, 'What, I shouldn't have said anything?'" Yikes!

Lacey officiated Terry and Tammy's vow renewal

Terry Bradshaw and his wife Tammy renewed their wedding vows after seven years of marriage in a beautiful ceremony in Hawaii in 2021. The ceremony was filmed as part of the reality show "The Bradshaw Bunch" — and Terry's daughters, especially stepdaughter Lacey Hester, played a major role. "One of the reasons I wanted to renew the vows, I wanted all the girls to be here," Terry said on the show (via People). 


Lacey officiated the ceremony on the beach at sunset. "We're so happy to be here to share this moment with you guys," she said in her speech. "I think we can all agree these two have grown into a perfect match. He's funny, she's smart. He's crazy, and she's calm. She has great hair, he has some hair. And they both have the biggest hearts of two people that I know." Terry and Tammy went on to recite their vows.

At the end of the day, Terry gushed, "It's so good to have my girls here" (via E! News). Clearly, having Lacey and his other daughters there meant a whole lot to Terry and Tammy.

Lacey tried to be a surrogate for her sister-in-law

In 2021, Lacey Hester, Terry Bradshaw's stepdaughter, tried to help her husband's sister have a baby. On "The Bradshaw Bunch," she opened up about how she tried to act as a surrogate for her. It was "one of the most beautiful things," Terry said on the show (via YouTube). Unfortunately, the procedure was unsuccessful.


"Noah's sister was having some fertility issues, and so I agreed to be her surrogate and carry her baby," Lacey said on the show. "But nature had other plans."

In a flashback, we watched as Lacey initially thought she was pregnant, but then told her family that the embryo transfer had been unsuccessful. "I really wanted to do this for them," Lacey said. "Even though it didn't work out, it's still incredibly, incredibly kind of you," Noah added, reassuring her. Terry went on to support his stepdaughter, telling her that even though it didn't work out, she should still be proud of what she tried to do.