How The Sister Wives Really Feel About Robyn Brown

How do the Sister Wives really feel about Robyn Brown? Every family has its own fair share of drama, even those who don't have their own reality television series. Sure, the Kardashians and Goslins have put all their cards on the table on their shows, but so has the Brown family from TLC's Sister Wives. The polygamous family has been airing all their dirty laundry on national television since Sister Wives premiered in 2010, and one of the biggest issues they've faced centers on the family welcoming a new wife into the fold. 

Sister Wives' Robyn Brown married into the Brown family in 2009, and was quickly welcomed into the already established clan. Though Meri Brown, Kody Brown's first wife, felt a strong connection with Robyn, things weren't as smooth for Kody's second and third wives, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown

Still, the wives have all come a long way since Robyn became Kody's fourth wife, and their family has grown quite a bit as well. However, that doesn't mean it's sunshine and roses all the time at Chez Brown. The truth about how the Sister Wives really feel about Robyn Brown is complicated, but also super interesting.

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives was so not welcoming to Robyn Brown

Janelle Brown is Kody Brown's second wife; the couple tied the knot in 1993 — with first wife Meri Brown's blessing, of course. But since Janelle had been with Kody for nearly 20 years before Robyn came along, it's only natural that she was a little cautious accepting Robyn into her life. 

However, Janelle was more than just cautious. In fact, in the book the Sister Wives wrote together, Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage, Janelle explained that she had a hard time letting Robyn into the mix. "I found myself unwilling to make the effort to build a bridge between us,"  she wrote. "As I learned in my initial months in the principle, just because something appears celestially destined doesn't make it easy." 

Janelle also shared that she was more preoccupied with her own kids and family than she was welcoming Robyn. Additionally, Soap Dirt claims that Janelle wasn't very kind to Robyn when she first joined the family. Fortunately, it appears things have gotten easier for Janelle and Robyn as time has gone by.

Sister Wives' Christine Brown wasn't a fan of Robyn Brown from the start

Before Robyn Brown came along on Sister Wives, Christine Brown was actually the "newest" wife in Kody Brown's life. So it's not surprising that Christine's initial feelings towards Robyn were mixed. But add in the fact that Christine and Kody were also getting ready to welcome a new child when Robyn arrived, and things got pretty messy.

In the Brown family book Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage, Christine admitted that, "Kody and Robyn's courtship came at a time of huge personal upheaval." Specifically, Christine explained that she was pregnant with their daughter, Truely Brown, at the time. Additionally, the Browns had just started filming Sister Wives. "When Kody started courting and then married Robyn it really rocked me," Christine continued. "I gave birth to Truely and was suffering from extreme postpartum depression." She added that she felt severely jealous, as well as like she'd lost something, which surprised her.

Even though Christine's initial feelings towards Robyn weren't exactly positive, so much has changed since then — for the better.

Meri Brown from Sister Wives was selfless for Robyn Brown's sake

Because of the laws in the United States, Kody Brown can only legally be married to one woman at a time. So, for most of his plural marriage with Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown, he was only legally married to Meri (via The Sun), while he had "spiritual marriages" with the other wives. However, when Robyn Brown came along, things got even more complicated: Robyn was previously married to someone else, and actually had three children of her own (via In Touch Weekly). To help make things easier, Meri agreed to divorce Kody so that he could marry Robyn and legally adopt her children, bringing them all into their big family.

Of course, that was a big sacrifice for Meri to make. But in a tell-all episode of Sister Wives, Meri explained she felt confident in her decision (via Good Housekeeping). "It's an end of something that we had had, in a way, for 24-and-a-half years," she revealed. "But at the same time, I know it's not, because I have eternity with him; I have eternity with the family." After that, it's clear that Meri loves Robyn.

The Sister Wives reportedly aren't crazy about Robyn and Kody Brown's intimate life

Though it may seems obvious to some that you'd be jealous if your spouse were sleeping with another person (or three), the cast of Sister Wives don't seem to get super jealous of each other all the time — though it does happen (via Today). But, when the Sister Wives had to confront the truth about Kody Brown's sleeping arrangements, particularly with Robyn Brown, it wound up making the Sister Wives clearly uncomfortable.

In a 2011 episode from Season 3 of Sister Wives (via Soap Dirt), all four wives took viewers on a tour of their individual bedrooms. As innocent as that sounds, it reportedly got pretty weird when they got to Robyn's bedroom, and saw something that Kody had left behind: a condom. Obviously, this was uncomfortable for just about everyone, but the other three wives were allegedly pretty grossed out in particular.

Does Janelle Brown from Sister Wives think Robyn Brown is the favorite?

Because Robyn Brown is the newest wife in the Brown family, many fans believe that she's Kody Brown's favorite. In fact, one fan of Sister Wives said as much in a tweet about the show. "Kody and Robyn are not fooling anyone," they wrote. "Robyn is still the favorite and still catered to. She gets whatever she wants." They added that there's no argument about it, either. 

However, Robyn has defended herself, and denies that Kody Brown favors her. "It has nothing to do with playing favorites when we all get together and make sure everyone feels like they have a voice and that all the needs are met," she shared on Twitter. "That is so important in a plural family." 

Janelle Brown even agreed with Robyn, when one viewer pointed out that Kody called Robyn "love" and no one else. "He calls me sweetheart," she wrote on Twitter. "I wouldn't want to be called 'love.'" That...doesn't exactly sound defensive.

Sister Wives' Christine Brown was upset when Robyn and Kody Brown did this before getting married

Robyn and Kody Brown's courtship moved pretty quickly, according to Robyn's bio on the TLC website; the two met in 2009, and were married in 2010. Because of how fast things moved between them, it stands to reason that it would take a minute for the other wives to adjust to their new normal. But for Christine Brown, there was one thing Robyn and Kody did before getting married that upset her.

According to OK! magazine, Christine was so not pleased when she learned that Kody and Robyn had shared a kiss while they were still engaged. The reason? That wasn't the way the family had handled things in the past. "It was devastating," Christine lamented. "We didn't kiss until over the altar because I didn't feel right about kissing a married man." 

Given the circumstances, it's understandable that Christine wasn't happy with the pre-marital kissing, even though she's content in a plural marriage.

Meri Brown challenges Robyn Brown quite a bit on Sister Wives

One of the biggest and most consistent sources of drama for the Brown family on Sister Wives is their living arrangement. From Season 1 to Season 14, the family has struggled to find homes big enough to accommodate their ever-increasing family. 

To that end, in one particular episode of Sister Wives, Meri Brown challenged Robyn Brown, something she's been known to do. Specifically, Meri asked Robyn if she would actually feel comfortable allowing her to stay in her home. While Robyn initially shrugged it off and said she would, Meri wasn't satisfied with her answer. "Yeah, but would you want me to move in with you?" she pressed, according to CheatSheet's recap of the episode. "I know how it is to live with everybody. You don't." 

Based on that interaction, Meri isn't afraid to challenge Robyn — and as Kody Brown's first wife, she does have some seniority. Maybe that's the real reason Meri Brown didn't move in with her Sister Wives.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives allegedly has a deep hatred for Robyn Brown

Though many years have passed since Robyn Brown first married Kody Brown and joined the Sister Wives family, that doesn't mean everything is peachy-keen. In fact, one of the wives might actually have it out for Robyn, and you might be surprised to learn which one. 

Previously, Christine Brown had been adamant that she was perfectly happy with her position as the third wife in the family (via Soap Dirt). But since Robyn came along, apparently things got complicated — so complicated, in fact, that in 2016, a source close to the family told the International Business Times that Christine was pissed at Robyn. "Christine really wants to rip Robyn's eyes out," the source revealed. "She thinks Robyn is obnoxious, spoiled, and a homewrecker." The source also claimed that Christine wished Robyn's marriage to Kody was a bad dream from which she would awake at any moment. 

Obviously that has never happened, but Christine may have some strong feelings towards Robyn — and not good ones.

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives has learned a lot from Robyn Brown

As the Brown family was a unit before Robyn Brown came along, it's understandable that they had to adjust when she joined them. But for Janelle Brown, her feelings towards Robyn are steeped in admiration, thanks to the important lessons she's learned from her on Sister Wives. Specifically, Janelle had some hard conversations with Robyn that taught her a lot.

In fact, in their book, Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage, Janelle explained the best part of welcoming Robyn into the family was how she changed things. "The most important thing Robyn has taught us is how to argue in a more effective and polite manner," Janelle wrote. "With such a chaotic household, there are going to be a lot of family discussions." It's only natural that things can get heated as well, she added. 

However, ever since Robyn married Kody, slammed doors and raised voices are less common in the Brown house. Janelle also explained that Robyn taught her how to "take the time to talk a problem out and not walk away from it." That's definitely a valuable lesson.

There may be more going on between Meri Brown and Robyn Brown on Sister Wives

While Meri Brown might have sacrificed a lot for Robyn Brown, and the two have certainly come a long way since Robyn first married Kody Brown, things have still been rough for them at times. In fact, there might be a lot more going on between Meri and Robyn than meets the eye, as noted by one report.

According to an exclusive from Life & Style (via Radar Online), Robyn was allegedly so sick of Meri that she sent her friend a message that read, "Meri is too big of a b*tch to want to have [another] child." Additionally, a source said that "Robyn's camaraderie with Meri has always just been for the show." That just might be the disturbing truth about Sister Wives.

The source added that Meri and Robyn have never really been friends, due in large part to the fact that Meri feels Kody Brown favors Robyn. "Robyn is the queen," the source continued. "Kody spends all of his time with her. If it's another wife's house date, he'll go over at midnight and be back with Robyn by 6 a.m." Yikes!