The Stunning One-Liner From The Debate That Has The Internet Buzzing

We're finally half a day away from what political commentators are calling the worst presidential debate in history. But even then, the internet has found a silver lining to what CNN's Jake Tapper called "a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck" of a event — and that's Joe Biden's admonition to President Donald Trump he broke rules agreed upon by his own team, bullying both his opponent and moderator Chris Wallace

Because even though, as CNN pointed out, Biden had Trump's barbs and provocative comments, the former Vice President snapped at one point and said "Will you shut up, man?" Biden was behaving, as the news network's analyst Stephen Collinson put it, "more like a frustrated viewer who might have turned in to hear clues about how the President plans to navigate America through a moment of national peril."

That line sent Biden supporters into overdrive. Just hours later, the line had been turned into a meme and even a t-shirt with proceeds earmarked to support the Democrat's presidential campaign.

Celebrities weighed in on Joe Biden's one liner

Social media celebrated the birth of the new political message, with Twitter users coming forward to pick up the message from celebrities like Sarah Cooper, who is known for her impersonations of President Donald Trump. Cooper tweeted a GIF of Leonardo dicaprio applauding the remark. Actor Jon Favreau weighed in too, saying: "Will you shut up, man?" – Joe Biden, speaking for... most Americans." Former Trump White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci also applauded Biden through Twitter, saying: "Will you shut up, man?" couldn't have been said any better." 

Elizabeth Warren's chief strategist, Joe Rospars, called out to Team Biden to turn the catchphrase into campaign memorabilia, saying: "Ready to type in my credit card info for that 'Will you shut up, man?' merch from the @JoeBiden team." A t-shirt from the Lincoln Project was available hours after the debate and was offered on Twitter with the caption: "Tell 'em to shut up in style."

But perhaps the most powerful response of them all came from former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who also debated Trump in 2016. When journalist Jill Filipovic tweeted, " I so feel for Hillary right now because I'm positive she wanted to say that and couldn't." Clinton responded by saying "You have no idea."