Details About Jazz Jennings' Relationship With Noelle Jaclyn

Reality TV star Jazz Jennings has had a tumultuous but ultimately positive journey to presenting on the outside the person she always knew she was on the inside. Having the support of her loving family has gone a long way toward helping Jennings accept who she is and to fight for herself and other at-risk LGBTQ+ teens accordingly. However, Jennings' long-time friendship with Noelle Jaclyn has no doubt made a big impact on her personal life and activism, as well. 

Fans of Jennings' hit TLC show, I Am Jazz, will know that these two ladies have been one another's confidantes and support systems for many years. They both identify as transgender and bisexual/pansexual. They attended prom together — but as part of a friendly foursome rather than as each other's dates. Jennings even flew out to San Francisco when Jaclyn underwent gender confirmation surgery – undertaken by one of the star's own surgeons, Dr. Marci Bowers, of course. 

As featured in the series' Season 8 episode, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," it was on that fateful June 2019 trip that the teen duo's mothers decided their true loves may have been right in front of their eyes all along. Whether the girls agree, though, is another matter entirely. Let's dive into the details about Jazz Jennings' relationship with Noelle Jaclyn.

Jazz Jennings and Noelle Jaclyn's mothers think they're meant to be

According to Cheat Sheet, Jazz Jennings and Noelle Jaclyn's mothers first started speculating about whether the girls were more than friends during the latter's pre-op consultation, when Dr. Marci Brown inquired whether Jaclyn was seeing someone. "I want these two to get together," Jaclyn's mother, Cheryl, offered in the above-mentioned I Am Jazz episode. While the two teenagers awkwardly laughed and shared a look, Jennings' own mom, Jeannette, quickly chimed in with, "I think they're gonna get married!"

Perhaps adding insult to injury, Jaclyn later told producers that neither parent had ever brought up the idea of them being romantically involved before — at least, not in front of them. Jennings' mother later reiterated that she was serious about the teens being a great match. "I think the girls are really compatible in many ways," she said, reasoning that their "souls" match, before turning to her famous daughter and saying, "And you challenge each other in other ways."

For her part, Jennings — who attended the appointment to get a check-up herself, while also offering Jaclyn some much-needed support — looked visibly uncomfortable at the idea. The transgender teen explained simply that they have a "really wonderful friendship," but confirmed, "I don't think it's gonna go beyond that." Jaclyn echoed her bestie's sentiments, quipping to producers, "I don't think we are the soul mates our parents apparently wish us to be."