Mary Trump Reacts To Donald Trump's Announcement That He Has COVID-19

We know there is no love lost between President Donald Trump and his niece Mary L. Trump, who wrote the tell-all book Too Much and Never Enough. And while she stayed silent in the early hours of Friday, when we all first found out that the president and his wife, first lady Melania Trump tested positive for coronavirus, she finally broke her silence on Twitter to react to her uncle's COVID-19 diagnosis. The message was brief, to the point, and did nothing to hide Mary's apparent dislike for her uncle, whom she is currently suing for fraud (via CNN). Mary tweeted:  "I reserve my sympathy, empathy, and despair for those who are sick and for those who have died because they were misled, lied to, or ignored. Wear a f***ing mask." 

Rather than deride Mary for her pithy comment, followers gave her more than 37,000  likes, and a good number were in tune with Mary's sentiment.

Most of Mary Trump's Twitter followers echoed her sentiment

One follower tweeted: "It's funny how people are trying to make covid19 to be anything but what it really is: indiscriminate viral killer. As we've all learned in school, it's only funny until someone dies. And play politics with it like Trump has? That's the real killer." Another said: "Trump downplayed Covid and 200k Americans died due to his utter incompetence but Karma is a b**** and chickens have come home to roost. His re-election chances are falling like a house of cards even if he lives and it is what it is. I'm looking forward to post Trump America." A third replied to Mary's comment with: "A narcissistic murderous con man with a virus is still a narcissistic murderous con man."

Others questioned the authenticity of the COVID diagnosis, with one tweeting: "I am skeptical about Trump and his wife testing positive for Covid!! Remember, he is a showman and what better way to get out of doing any more debates since he clearly lost the first one due to him telling the Proud Boys stand back and standby. He is FAKING IT..."

But not all who left comments were experiencing a bit of schadenfreude — one called for some compassion. "As a human being, I reserve my sympathy and empathy for all other humans. We must appeal to the better angels of our nature if we are to grow and move forward as the human race" (via Twitter).