The Truth About 7 Little Johnstons' Star Anna Marie Johnston

Longtime fans of "7 Little Johnstons" on TLC have watched Anna Marie Johnston, the third child in the family, grow up in front of their very eyes. 

Per Distractify, she was adopted at the age of 4 from Siberia, and, according to her adoptive mother, Amber, the little girl took a long time to get used to life in the United States. In an interview with People (via In Touch Weekly), Amber referred to an "adjustment period" for her daughter, explaining that Anna Marie "wasn't used to men." 

These days, the reality TV personality is totally comfortable in her adopted home country, from graduating high school to running her own online business and beyond. 

As "7 Little Johnstons" viewers know, however, Anna Marie has been a bit of a handful for her parents. Over the years, she has caused some trouble and butted heads with them on everything from how much freedom she should be afforded to how she should decorate her college dorm room.

Anna Marie Johnston had a difficult time with her parents

Anna Marie hasn't exactly been an angel all these years, and, if you need a refresher, some of her behavior has been chronicled by Monsters and Critics. The site recalled that her parents, Trent and Amber Johnston, were concerned that her behavior might affect the younger siblings. Furthermore, her brother Jonah Johnston admitted on an episode of the show that he felt like his sister was taking all of their parents' attention. 

And, as Heavy and Monsters and Critics recapped, when the family went to the 2018 Little People of America Conference, Anna Marie broke one of her parents' rules when she was caught lying about being in a hotel room she wasn't supposed to be in. This led to Jonah being tasked with giving his sister rides to and from school until their folks felt she'd learned her lesson.

Anna Marie also got into trouble for spray-painting her school, which, again, led to severe punishment for the teenager.

The 7 Little Johnstons star is onto bigger and better things

The headstrong young lady left for school on good terms — but not before she and her mother could disagree on dorm decor. As TV Shows Ace noted, when "7 Little Johnstons" showcased Anna Marie Johnston preparing to go study early childhood education at North Georgia Technical College, there was a shopping scene where she caught her mother off-guard with her towel color choice. 

Amber Johnston also insisted that she bring a few picture frames "to remember the people who got you here." Likewise, packing clothes caused ructions, with Anna Marie deadpanning simply, "I put in enough underwear and a bra."

After moving her daughter in, Amber reflected on how far they'd come, admitting that Anna Marie had "no language" when they first adopted her. She also shared that, at age 5, Anna Marie was functioning at about the level of a 1-year-old. 

She even acknowledged that sometimes she wants to assure her daughter that she's "so much more!" Evidently, Anna Marie is realizing that potential: The Johnston family announced on Instagram in 2019 that she was appointed as a resident assistant to help other students living in her college dorm. 

Anna Marie Johnston is super close with sister Emma Johnston

Growing up on a reality show creates a unique bond between participants, and sisters Anna Marie and Emma Johnston are no different. In May 2021, Emma took to Instagram to celebrate her beloved sibling and co-star's 21st birthday, gushing about how proud she was to call Anna Marie her big sister. 

Alongside a variety of sweet photos of the two hanging out and goofing around together, Emma wrote, "thanks for always being my roommate since I came home," "thanks for motivating me to push myself when I needed it," and "thanks for your craziness that you gave me!!"

The two are clearly incredibly close, frequently popping up on each other's social media. In October 2021, Emma posted pics with Anna Marie and their other sister, Elizabeth Johnston, writing, "Having a sister is having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there."

Elsewhere, in June 2022, Anna Marie posted a photo of her posing in a bikini and Emma commented to share her approval and point out that the pic was taken by her. Anna Marie, meanwhile, hilariously responded, "ah dang it that's why the photos were bad ... haha jk."

Did she move out of her parents' house?

In March 2021, fans began to wonder whether Anna Marie and Elizabeth Johnston had moved out of the family home after their younger sister, Emma Johnston, posted a shot of the three of them to Instagram with a message about starting a "new journey." 

Referring to big changes coming in the next few weeks, Emma noted, "Y'all don't have to leave me, but thank you for the extra space!! I'm just proud of how hard working y'all have been." The "7 Little Johnstons" star also acknowledged she would probably cry when the time came, admitting, "I'm going to miss them so much but we will still see each other b/c we still have things to finish working on."

Emma concluded her post by wishing Anna Marie and Elizabeth all the best with their "new adventure ahead." Worried fans were reassured by father Trent Johnston, in the comments, that the girls would continue juggling work, college, and appearing on the hit show, per TV Shows Ace.

Just a couple months later, Anna Marie's parents celebrated her "first big purchase" of a washing machine, so it seems she is out on her own. 

This is despite the fact that, as Distractify reported, Anna Marie actually broached the topic of moving out in Season 9 because she wanted to live with a friend. However, Trent and Amber weren't too pleased, leading fans to criticize them for discouraging her.

Fans speculate that Anna Marie Johnston has a secret boyfriend

Per Distractify, although several of the kids' relationships have been covered on "7 Little Johnstons," Anna Marie Johnston's love life remained curiously opaque. That all changed in Season 11, when Anna Marie inadvertently revealed she was dating a guy named Kyle when she posted — and then deleted — a photo with him on social media. 

Kyle is reportedly average-sized, and the two had been seeing each other for a couple months by the time Anna Marie's parents found out about him. "We met through friends of a friend at a restaurant," Anna Marie explained. "And then he's still going to school to get his bachelor's. He's actually a smart man." 

Reddit users questioned the worried parents' "interrogation" methods, with one writing, "How cringe for Anna to have to discuss Kyle this way! Amber looks disgusted and Trent is his usual disgusting self. I wouldn't tell either of them a dang thing. They are just waiting to pounce on anything she says." 

Another user agreed, arguing, "How embarrassing for her to have to keep reiterating that they weren't a couple and getting to know each other. That's what people her age do. Trying to control what 'kids' do at that age doesn't usually go well." Fans speculated that Anna Marie's secret boyfriend was her old high school best friend, whom the "7 Little Johnstons" star posted a photo with on Instagram, but this is unconfirmed.

The 7 Little Johnstons star has a side hustle

Aside from appearing on a hit reality show, Anna Marie Johnston also has a  side business selling jewelry on Etsy. Her super popular shop is called Fizz4Passion. It was established in 2019, per Instagram, with over 6,000 sales to date and thousands of glowing five-star reviews. 

"Love it, great quality and shipped quick," one user wrote, while another raved, "Everyone needs to order from Anna! Her shop is amazing. Beautiful work!" Anna Marie sells a variety of different pieces, from earrings to bracelets and even bedazzled coffee cups, ranging in price from $15 upward.

Clearly, the "7 Little Johnstons" star has a passion for jewelry-making since she likely makes enough money to live on from appearing on the show. 

Reality TV producer Terence Michael told E! News that similar families, such as the Duggars, who starred on "19 Kids and Counting" and the spinoff "Counting On," stood to earn around 10% percent of their show's budget. So, if TLC had about $250,000 to spend on their show, participants could make $25,000 for what amounts to just a few days' work at a time. 

As a show increases in popularity, so does its budget, suggesting that the Johnstons are probably earning even more by now. Even so, Anna Marie is making some decent pocket money from her side hustle.