The Truth About 7 Little Johnstons' Star Anna Marie Johnston

Longtime fans of 7 Little Johnstons have watched Anna Marie Johnston, the third child in the Johnston family, grow up in front of their very eyes. Her TLC bio notes that she was adopted at the age of four from Siberia, and according to her adoptive mother, Amber, the little girl took a long time to get used to life in the United States. In an interview with People (via In Touch Weekly), Amber referred to an "adjustment period" for her daughter, explaining that Anna Marie "wasn't used to men."

These days, the reality TV personality is totally comfortable in her adopted home country, from graduating high school to running her own online business and beyond. As 7 Little Johnstons viewers know, however, Anna Marie has been a bit of a handful for her parents. Over the years, she has caused some trouble and butted heads with them on everything from how much freedom she should be afforded to how to she should decorate her college dorm room.

Anna Marie Johnston had a difficult time with her parents

Anna Marie hasn't exactly been an angel all these years, and if you need a refresher, some of her behavior has been chronicled by Monsters and CriticsThe site recalled that her parents, Trent and Amber Johnston, were concerned her behavior might affect the younger siblings. Furthermore, her brother Jonah Johnston admitted on an episode of the show that he felt like his sister was taking all of their parents' attention. And as Heavy and Monsters and Critics recapped, when the family went to the 2018 Little People of America Conference, Anna Marie broke one of her parents' rules when she was caught lying about being in a hotel room she wasn't supposed to be in. This led to Jonah being tasked with giving his sister rides to and from school until their folks felt she'd learned her lesson.

Anna Marie also got into trouble for spray-painting her school, which again led to severe punishment for the teenager. Thankfully, nowadays, she's focusing her artistic talents on a jewelry line, called Fizz4Passion, which she sells on Etsy.

The 7 Little Johnstons star is onto bigger and better things

The headstrong young lady left for school on good terms, but not before she and her mother could disagree on dorm decor. As TV Shows Ace noted, when 7 Little Johnstons showcased Anna Marie preparing to go away to study early childhood education at North Georgia Technical College, there was a shopping scene where she caught her mother off guard with her towel color choice. Amber also insisted she bring a few photo-frames "to remember the people who got you here." Likewise, packing for clothes caused ructions, with Anna Marie deadpanning simply, "I put in enough underwear and a bra."

After moving her daughter in, Amber reflected on how far they'd come, admitting Anna Marie had "no language" when they first adopted her. She also shared that at age five, Ann Marie was functioning at about the level of a 1-year-old. She even acknowledged that sometimes she wants to assure her daughter that she's "so much more!" Evidently, Anna Marie is realizing that potential: The Johnston family announced on Instagram in 2019 that she was appointed as her school's resident assistant, meaning she's going to help other students living in her dorm.