Aubrey Plaza Reveals Details About Her Strange First Kiss

Comedic actress Aubrey Plaza has made a career out of playing the snarky, eye-rolling, cool girl-weirdo hybrid in the likes of TV's Parks and Recreation, which featured her breakout role as April Ludgate, and movies like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, The To Do List, and Ingrid Goes West, among many others. As The Cut noted, the Delaware native — who was dubbed "The Nicest Evil Girl in the World" by the outlet – "knows you want her to be mean to you, and she's happy to oblige." 

Still, while this fan-favorite actress may have a reputation for playing the aloof type onscreen, she was once an awkward teenager just like the rest of us. During an interview with BuzzFeed in 2017, Plaza admitted that if she could tell her teenage self anything it would be this: "Stop getting your hair cut like a middle-aged real estate agent woman. It doesn't look good. The boys don't like it." Sound advice. 

As an adult, Plaza is now best known for playing half of the adorable union that is April and Andy (Chris Pratt) on Parks and Rec. But naturally, for someone who would proudly reveal that haircut in the public sphere, this star's first kiss was about as strange as it was relatable, too.

Aubrey Plaza's first kiss wasn't ideal (but it makes for a great story)

Most first-kiss stories are a bit dodgy — there are very few real-life cases that are up there with movies like The Notebook, unfortunately — but Aubrey Plaza's might actually be one of the most cringe-worthy you've ever heard. 

The Cut notes that the actress attended an all-girls Catholic school in Wilmington, Del. As the Legion star revealed in a 2018 interview with W magazine, her first kiss happened in seventh grade, if memory serves her right, with a boy who attended her brother school. He was later sent to a juvenile correctional facility for kicking fellow school-goers with a screwdriver duct-taped to his feet. Of the kiss itself with this, um, total dreamboat, Plaza said, "I remember that it tasted like metal." He also licked her teeth during the kiss, she recalled, saying, "We were doing one of those kind of weird, middle school, everyone goes in the basement and turns the lights off and there's just like limbs and bodies, and you just kind of don't know what's happening kind of thing." Perhaps unnecessarily, Plaza added, "It was strange."

Luckily, it seems as though Plaza has since chosen her kissing partners more wisely. The star publicly came out to The Advocate in 2016, describing herself as someone who "fall[s] in love with girls and guys," and has been in a relationship with writer-director Jeff Baena since 2011.