Read This Before You Buy Costco's Pumpkin Pie

'Tis the season to enjoy all things pumpkin and there's nothing more festive than a good old fashioned pumpkin pie. For those who aren't looking to break the bank to get their fix, Costco's got you covered. The bargain mega-store sells their own variety of pumpkin pie for the discerning customer, in line with all their other great deals on food and household products. Their massive pumpkin pies fly off the shelves each year.


The four-pound whoppers were spotted in stores as early as August, according to Delish, but fans demand them all year round. Retailing for just $6, Costco's pumpkin pies are a bright spot in the garbage year that is 2020 and nobody will judge you for eating an entire pie yourself, particularly during the election cycle. However, before you pick up a Costco pumpkin pie to gorge on, consider the following.  

Costco's pumpkin pie isn't the best value for the money

Although Costco's signature pumpkin pie is massive, measuring 12 inches and weighing 58 ounces, Hip2Save notes that the Sam's Club variety is the same size and weight but slightly cheaper, at $5.98. The site notes their local Costco was selling pies this year for $7.99, a $2 increase from 2019. It's still a great deal, particularly if you're looking to feed a whole Thanksgiving dinner's worth of guests. Likewise, it's unlikely you'll be able to make a pumpkin pie for under $6 so Sam's Club's pie is less hassle too.


Cost Cuisine also warns that Costco pumpkin pies don't keep as well, so you're best advised to buy a pie that was packed on the same day to prevent any excess moisture build-up, which many customers reportedly complain about. You may also have to slice and freeze the pie immediately to prevent gross goo from forming on top.

Taste isn't king with Costco's pumpkin pie

Hip2Save also argued the Sam's Club pumpkin pie tasted better than Costco's version. It was described as a sweeter pie that boasted more of a "classic pumpkin pie flavor." Costco's reportedly has a subtler taste, with less spice but more prominent cinnamon. Although the site wasn't overly impressed with the Costco variety, it was advised that both pumpkin pies were very good overall. However, although they claimed the taste was smooth and tasty, several customers argue that Costco pies are actually gritty.


In a Facebook post about Libby's Pumpkin, a brand of pure pumpkin used in baking, several users complained about the sand-like texture of the product. According to Reader's Digest, Costco uses the same Dickinson pumpkins in their recipe that Libby's use in their own pumpkin products, which is why fans are making the connection. Many fans name-checked Costco's pumpkin pies in their complaints, suggesting the unsavory grittiness they taste in the dessert has been an issue for a while.