Here's Where Kevin From Masters Of Flip Is Today

HGTV's Masters of Flip is a relatively new addition to the network's bulging slate of hit home renovation shows. It debuted back in 2015 but has grown massively in popularity ever since. Masters of Flip follows Dave and Kortney Wilson, a Nashville-based couple who are originally from Canada and had previous lives as musicians (hence why they chose to settle in the country music capital of the world). In spite of stiff competition from the likes of Property Brothers, Good Bones, and Hidden Potentialthe Wilsons' show stood out thanks in large part to their irresistible chemistry and positive attitude.


Although the focus is mostly on Kortney and Dave (and rightly so), Kortney's brother Kevin Galerno has popped up and made a real impression on viewers. However, Kevin did not end up becoming a recurring character on Masters of Flip, leading many to question whatever happened to Kortney's lovable, enthusiastic assistant.

Kevin from Masters of Flip remains something of an enigma

Eagle-eyed followers of Kortney's Instagram will know Kevin Galerno doesn't appear on there too often, or even at all, which is explained somewhat by the fact that his own account is private. That, and he most likely still lives in Canada. The Masters of Flip alum doesn't have much of an online footprint at all, with a paltry LinkedIn page noting only that he has work experience managing the training center Total Package Hockey (whether he continues to work there is unclear). Elsewhere, a listing on TV Time revealed he played "Brother/Assistant" on his sister's HGTV show, but was absent of further information. Could Kevin have potentially been looking for acting work? It's hard to tell.


It seems Kortney's brother remains involved in coaching hockey, as he appeared on the podcast Behind the Gear to share his expertise as well as his experiences with being a new father (it's been "pretty good" so far, he said) in August 2020. Kevin has actually racked up several appearances on the show. In a 2019 blog post, Kortney confirmed that Kevin had gotten married in Jamaica to a woman named Nicole, sharing how "the wedding was simply beautiful."

It seems like Kevin is keeping his private life pretty low-key now that he isn't making any appearances on Masters of Flip, but everything seems to be going well for him, which is the main thing.