What You Don't Know About Lauren Conrad's Husband William Tell

Theirs is a love story almost too perfect to believe. Lauren Conrad, former star of The Hills and current makeup brand maven, met William Tell, a then-guitarist, on a blind date on Valentine's Day of all days (via E! Online). They would get engaged in 2013, marry in 2014. It was around this time that the Something Corporate band member (Conrad saw them perform when she was just 16 years old according to Cheat Sheet) would make a huge change in his life — no, not just marrying Conrad and becoming semi-famous, but also transitioning from guitar playing, to law school (via Above the Law).

It turns out Tell's academic career took a while to get off the ground. As he recounts, "I started college at Cal State, Chico, when I was 18, but I didn't find it very... intellectually stimulating. So I came home after my freshman year and talked to my parents about it, and I told them I wanted to take a year off to try to do music." Tell's musical ambitions were about to be realized, when things changed.

William Tell's life switched course

Ten years before Tell said "I do" to Lauren Conrad, he left his band — which he says was experiencing a decent degree of success in the music industry — and signed a solo deal, as he told Above the Law. Tell did record an album, You Can Hold Me Down. But after years of trying to make it big, he realized going back to school was a better plan for his future.

The lawyer would go on to meet his wife, and the couple welcomed a baby boy, Liam, in 2017. A second son, Charlie, would follow in 2019 (via Popsugar).

Of course, we'd be remiss to not discuss the fact that Conrad's husband's name is William Tell, who is also a legendary Swiss hero (via Britannica). But it seems he was not named after the historical figure. And it must be said that Tell refuses to watch his wife on TV, according to Martha Stewart Weddings. "We were at a hotel once and he was flipping channels and he was like, 'Oh, it's you!'" Conrad told the outlet. "Of all scenes for him to pick, it was like, us in a club, and I flip around, and I'm like, 'I'm at the Roosevelt pool every Saturday!' William was like, 'Nope!' and changed the channel. 'I don't want to know that you!'"