What It Really Means When You Dream About Drowning

Drowning in a dream can be a frightening experience that can leave the dreamer freaked out and wondering what it could mean. With that in mind, qualified counselor and dream expert Delphi Ellis stated via Bustle that drowning in dreams can reveal our inner emotions. For example, Ellis said, "drowning in dreams can be a sign that at the time of the dream, we may be feeling overwhelmed at work or at home." However, according to the dream expert, it can also be a metaphorical representation of feeling overwhelmed. Still, Ellis says that these dreamers shouldn't be worried, but should be aware that the dream might be emphasizing their anxiety.

Likewise, The Pleasant Dream offered further interpretations of what emotions you could be experiencing if you're dreaming about drowning. In addition to feeling overwhelmed by your real-life issues, the outlet says that you might also be feeling like you're losing control over various aspects of your life. This might stem from being in a toxic relationship, having difficulties at your job, or owning a failing business. However, these aren't the only possibilities. Dreaming of drowning can also mean that you feel like you're struggling to survive in your day-to-day life or that you're being bombarded with too many emotions. But on the positive side, these dreams can also be a symbol of rebirth.

What does it mean if someone else is drowning?

When it comes to dreaming about drowning, figuring out the meaning behind the dream means exploring its various aspects. For example, according to The Cut, if your dream involves trying to save someone from drowning, it could be a sign that you're fighting to hold onto or trying to protect something or someone in your day-to-day life. Author of "The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings," J.M. DeBord uses a man dreaming about trying to save an infant as an example of how the dreamer, in that instance, felt overwhelmed by adult responsibilities and wanted to preserve the parts of him that he felt were being weighed down.

The outlet added that if you experience this type of drowning dream, you should examine whether or not pieces of yourself have recently felt like they've been lost. On the other hand, Everydayknow suggested that if you're dreaming about someone else drowning, it's a sign that you are becoming too involved in something that feels out of your control. Likewise, because you feel out of control in that real-life situation, you also feel like you are drowning, which can lead to this type of dream. Additionally, the outlet suggested that another possible reason you might be dreaming about someone else drowning is due to a feeling of identity loss. This can occur as a result of a relationship where you feel like you're losing your sense of identity.

Here's what it means if you're drowning someone else

Having a dream about drowning can be troublesome; however, having a dream about trying to (or succeeding in) drowning someone else can be downright scary. So naturally, you'll want to know why this type of dream is occurring and what exactly it means. According to Spirit Animal Dreams, having a dream about drowning someone can be a sign that you're feeling strong emotions about something or someone. Likewise, the outlet added that if these feelings you're having are positive ones, then you should express them accordingly to that person.

However, the write-up said that if your feelings toward that person are negative, the dream could be a sign of trouble brewing. In this instance, your dream could mean that someone else could be planning to do something bad to you. In this example, the drowning dream also serves as a warning sign to protect yourself from getting in harm's way. 

On the other hand, Exemplare reported that dreaming about drowning someone else could mean you're trying to hide or keep a person or thing in your life hidden. Essentially, you want to remove this thing or individual from your life forever. The dream source added that this type of dream could also indicate that you are trying to repress your feelings.

The meaning can change depending on where you're drowning

Drowning dreams can be pretty scary, but if you're trying to figure out what yours means, you'll need to focus on understanding what's going on in the dream. According to certified dream analyst and dream expert Lauri Loewenberg (via Bustle), when it comes to dissecting drowning dreams, every detail matters. "Specifics in a dream matter — nothing is ever random," Loewenberg stated.  "Every detail in a dream is a clue, is a piece of the puzzle of the big message your subconscious is trying to relay to you."

The dream expert also stated that different bodies of water could symbolize various things when drowning is involved. For example, if the drowning dream happens somewhere contained, like a swimming pool, it could be a sign that everything's all right. On the other hand, if the drowning dream takes place in the ocean, that could be an indication that the dreamer is headed into unknown territory. 

Similarly, Journey Into Dreams affirms that the meaning behind drowning in a dream varies depending on location. According to the outlet, a drowning dream that occurs in a river is a sign that you're experiencing vital life lessons, while dreaming of drowning in a lake means you need to let go of old habits.

What does it mean if you dream about drowning in blood?

If there's one thing scarier than a dream about drowning, it's a dream about drowning in blood. Naturally, anyone who's experienced this type of troubling drowning dream will want to know what it means. According to J.M. DeBord, the author of "The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings," via The Cut, this type of drowning dream is pretty typical. DeBord noted that when examining this sort of dream, the first thing that would come to mind is that the dreamer is experiencing pain or personal injury. "Blood can be a symbol that expresses the idea that a person is wounded," the dream interpreter said.

DeBord added that both a physical and emotional wound could be represented as blood in a dream. If the pain is overwhelming, the dreamer could end up subconsciously visualizing that they are drowning in blood. On the other hand, Dream Dictionary suggested that dreaming about drowning in blood is connected to your identity, and is a sign that you're longing for a sense of completeness and fullness in your life. Additionally, Dreams'opedia suggests that dreaming about drowning in blood means that a big change is happening in your life. According to this outlet's interpretation, this type of drowning dream means you're experiencing emotional highs and lows and that you wish you could go back in time to change the outcome of something.

What does it mean if you dream about a baby or child drowning?

Having a dream about drowning becomes even scarier when the subconscious experience involves a baby or even your own child. Still, for those worried about what this type of dream might signify, Dream Meaning Net could possibly provide answers. According to the outlet, dreaming about saving a child from drowning might be a subconscious representation of your own inner child being repressed. But on the other hand, DMN says the child in the dream could also represent a business project or even your job, and could signify that you feel those things are in danger.

However, if your dream involves saving a baby from drowning, this could be a sign that you're dismissing an idea, plan, or thought in the early stages of its conception. Likewise, the gender of the drowning infant can impact the meaning of the dream. Additionally, the outlet says that dreaming about your own child drowning could reflect a real-life fear you have if your child is involved in water-related sports. On the other hand, Dreams'opedia reported that dreaming about a baby drowning in water represents the dreamer's willingness to address all sorts of situations head-on. The outlet added that this type of dream involves uncovering a hidden talent or a special ability that's unique to you.

What if you dream about an animal drowning?

If your dream about drowning involves animals, you're probably pretty confused and wondering what the subconscious experience could possibly mean. According to DreamyObsession, having a dream about animals drowning indicates that you're in need of some love in your life. It also suggests that you need to reach out to others for contact, help, and support. The outlet added that a dream about an animal drowning is a sign that you are a social person who does better when surrounded by others rather than being isolated. This type of dream also suggests that human contact is essential for your health and mental well-being.

On the other hand, dreaming of animals drowning can also be a sign that you are not fulfilled with your current state of living. In this case, the write-up noted that the dreamer should try to get to the root cause of the problem rather than avoid it. Additionally, DreamyObsession advised that one other possibility for this dream could be that you are going through a family crisis that's manifesting as animals drowning in a dream. 

Still, these aren't the only interpretations for this type of dream. According to Dream Meaning Net, specific animals could have various meanings. For example, a drowning cat could symbolize an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, or creativity, while a drowning dog is usually a sign of loyalty and friendship.

What if you dream about drowning in non-water material?

There are a wide variety of drowning dreams, and some of them might seem downright strange. For example, what if you have a drowning dream where a non-water substance consumes you? 

According to Dream Meaning Net, if you have a dream that you're drowning in mud, it's a sign of imbalance in your moral stability. This means that negative actions in your day-to-day life could be affecting you and manifesting as this type of drowning dream. If you dream about drowning in milk or chocolate, it could be a sign that you're being too overly indulgent in your waking life and should consider scaling back on certain things.

On the other hand, DreamsDirectory suggested that drowning in milk is a sign that you've become too self-involved or are feeling powerless or helpless in a situation. The write-up added that you shouldn't try rushing anything and focus on patience. Another interpretation suggests that drowning in milk reflects your desire to be cleansed. Likewise, you might be struggling to accept something and have fallen back into old bad habits. In this interpretation, drowning in milk is considered an omen of conflict. Finally, DD stated that dreaming of drowning in milk could also indicate a strong sense of global awareness of worldly issues. Similarly, in this instance, this dream can also mean that you feel like your desires and emotions are being repressed.

What does it mean if you survive in the dream?

Imagine you're dreaming that you're surrounded by water and struggling to stay afloat, but despite all odds, you manage to survive. Though it might seem scary, you probably assume that it's a good sign that you survived — but is it? According to DreamyObsession, this type of dream has a much deeper meaning and can be seen as a guide for self-improvement. However, the write-up added that it can still have various implications. For example, surviving a dream about drowning could be a sign that you're craving attention, which might be the result of wanting contact or guidance. Additionally, this interpretation also reflects that you're a social individual.

A second possibility for this type of drowning dream could be that it's a sign of sexual temptation. Perhaps you lack self-assurance and don't feel free to enjoy yourself as you wish. Dreaming that you've survived a drowning can also signify that you're detached from your work life and don't strive to do more than the bare minimum. Finally (and perhaps more ominously), the source stated that it might be a sign of an unknown threat that you instinctively recognize even if you aren't aware of it on a conscious level. On the other hand, Exemplore reported that dreaming about surviving symbolizes your strength and resilience when confronted with trouble.

Here's what it means if you dream about drowning on a sinking boat

According to Dream Meaning Net, dreaming about drowning on a sinking boat or cruise ship could be a sign that you're struggling to accept a part of your reality. Likewise, this dream may also suggest that you're in denial about your ability to navigate your negative feelings, and could be taken as a signal to change how you're handling a situation. Per a second interpretation by the outlet, this type of dream could also be a sign that your career or life path isn't going as it should. In this case, you'll want to quickly implement changes in your day-to-day life to get things back on track. 

On the other hand, Aunty Flo reported that dreaming about a ship sinking is an omen of hidden danger. Additionally, the write-up added that this type of dream could also be associated with a real-life situation that has gotten out of control. But, according to Aunty Flo, if you're dreaming about surviving a sinking ship, this is a sign of your own strong survival instincts and determination to never give up.

What if you dream about drowning while swimming or surfing?

With no shortage of interpretations when it comes to dreams about drowning, you'll definitely want to know what it means if you have a dream that involves drowning during a water-related activity. According to What Dream Means, if you dream that you're drowning while swimming or surfing, this could be a sign that you're moving too fast in your day-to-day life. If that's the case, you should consider slowing down so you don't overwhelm yourself with stress. Additionally, drowning in a dream typically represents real-life struggles that are either preventable or fixable.

However, dreaming about drowning during a swimming race or while surfing could also signify that you're afraid of being left behind. This dream could also serve as a warning sign for you to slow down and avoid giving into your competitive side for long periods. Likewise, if you're finding that things in your day-to-day life are a serious struggle, you'll want to enact changes before things become too unbearable. 

Additionally, The Pleasant Dream reported that dreaming about drowning during a swimming race or while surfing is a sign that you want to compete with others even if it's dangerous. The outlet stated that this interpretation could apply to co-workers, friends, relatives, or neighbors.

What does it mean if you dream about drowning in a bathtub?

If you dream that you or someone else has drowned in a bathtub, you'll likely want to know what implications this holds. According to DreamyObsession, dreaming about a child drowning in a tub is a sign of a health issue. This problem could be affecting you, a family member, or someone who is close to you. While the health concern may or may not be something serious, it could be bad enough to result in pain, and could be caused by a poor quality of living. To make significant changes, you will need to stay calm and work through this challenge in a supportive way, the write-up states. However, according to a second interpretation, this type of drowning dream could also be an omen that something bad is coming your way. So if you're not eating well or taking care of yourself, changing your habits and focusing on your well-being is the best thing you can do for yourself. 

On the other hand, if you dream that you are drowning in a bathtub, DreamAboutMeaning stated that this could be a sign that you're scared of authority and feel like your space is being invaded. Likewise, this type of drowning dream also suggests that you're feeling hopeless.

Did someone try to save you from drowning?

If you recently dreamed about someone else being saved from drowning, you should know that having a dream about someone else being saved from drowning is a sign of luck and wealth (per Dreams'opedia). This type of dream also indicates that you are pushing yourself both mentally and physically and have high goals. Of course, this isn't the only interpretation — dreaming of someone else being rescued from drowning could also signify a happy occasion as well as your own confidence. However, it could also be an indication that you are feeling conflicted.

On the other hand, Dreams'opedia reported that if you dream about someone saving you from drowning, this could imply that you're in the process of healing and are able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. This interpretation also suggests that you've successfully managed any negative emotions that might have come your way. Still, a second theory is that this type of dream is a symbol of festivity and celebration as well as satisfaction and success. It also implies that you're well-balanced in life and experiencing harmony. Lastly, dreaming about someone saving you from drowning could also be a reminder of unrealized or failed achievements and goals.

What you're doing in the dream can determine the meaning

As noted by MillersGuild, drowning is a life-threatening situation where one struggles to survive against the odds. Drowning in a dream suggests negative emotions, feeling overwhelmed, or being overpowered by things beyond your control. There's also nothing strange about dreaming about drowning, as these dreams are considered relatively common and a good indicator of our mental state. The Pleasant Dream stated that the details of the subconscious experience are important when it comes to determining the meaning.

Certified dream analyst and celebrity dream expert Lauri Loewenberg stated via Bustle that different scenarios result in different meanings for these dreams. "Specifics in a dream matter; nothing is ever random," she said. "Every detail in a dream is a clue, is a piece of the puzzle of the big message your subconscious is trying to relay to you." This rule also applies to the different types and sizes of bodies of water where the dream is taking place. For example, if the dream takes place in a contained area like a pool, it might be a sign that everything is as it should be. However, if your dream occurs in a large body of water like the ocean, it could be a sign that you're exploring unknown territory.

What if the weather caused you to drown?

When it comes to dreams about drowning, you're probably wondering if the weather in the subconscious experience is significant in determining its meaning. According to J.M. DeBord, the author of "The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings," weather-related dreams are typically metaphors for our emotions (via The Cut). If your drowning dream involves natural disasters, like a tsunami or a hurricane, these are very standard dream symbols.

"The tsunami is something that is overwhelming and it can't be stopped," DeBord stated. The dream expert added that a real-life tsunami's devastating effects are considered symbolic in a drowning dream. Similarly, Knoji reported that temperamental weather or natural disasters in a drowning dream could indicate that you have a high stress level and unresolved emotions that need to be released. While dreaming of a flood can signify anxiety and insecurity, the outlet stated that dreaming of a tsunami reflects a whirlwind of emotions stirred up by impending change. Likewise, What Dream Mean noted that a drowning dream involving a natural disaster is typically a sign of suppressed feelings.

Here's why you might keep having dreams about drowning

If you repeatedly dream about drowning, you're probably wondering what it means if the dream keeps happening again and again. According to Aunty Flo, frequently having this troubling type of dream could be a sign that you're struggling emotionally. If you repeatedly have a subconscious experience about a specific person (or yourself) drowning, you might want to do a mental check to ensure that you're not dealing with unresolved feelings. If this type of dream reoccurs for years, you might consider looking into hypnotherapy or meditation to figure out the subconscious issue.

Some of the life situations that can trigger frequent drowning dreams are events like death, divorce, or a sudden loss. If these internal issues aren't resolved, it can lead to further emotional complications. Counselor and dream expert Delphi Ellis reported via Bustle that there is something you can do about these unpleasant dreams. "Keeping a dream diary can be helpful in noticing patterns that may assist in making sense of the dream when we wake," Ellis said. The expert added that for some people, these dreams pop back up during stressful periods, and that keeping a journal may help the dreamer discover a pattern. However, Ellis also stated that if the dream occurs frequently and makes you wake up gasping for breath, you may want to get checked for sleep apnea.